Chingay is one of Singapore’s major events, it is the largest street performance and float parade in Asia, attracting many participants from both local and businesss communities, as well as international guests from around the world. The Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), one of the leading private education institutionsContinue Reading

Year 2018 welcomes the Zodiac Year of the Dog, affectionately known as “man’s best friend”. The Singapore Philatelic Museum presents, a children’s exhibition titled “All About Dogs”. This exhibition explores the history, relationship and close bond between dogs and human beings, that started last month from 14th February till endContinue Reading

Canon recently announced the Canon EOS M50, the latest mirrorless camera to join their family of Canon digital cameras. I had the opportunity to take a look at the Canon EOS M50 during a recent event, had a feel, touch and short hands on session, trying out the Canon EOSContinue Reading

Today is Christmas Day 2017, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 2017! Happy holidays and have a great time with your family, loved ones and friends! Sending this cute photo shot with a Canon EOSM6 review camera, with my nieces cute dog Coby posing for the camera, with the decorations courtesyContinue Reading

A few days away from Christmas 2017 and New Year 2018. While this is the time for the festive season celebrating, feasting, sending and receiving gifts, not all of us are enjoying the Christmas and New Year festive season. Some might be lost, some be hurt, some might be sufferingContinue Reading

A classic backpack, beautifully and elegantly designed, a timeless backpack design masterpiece accompanied by excellent workmanship. This classic backpack might be a minimalist design yet produces an aura of fashionista, stylish, uniqueness and following. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Gaston Luga Classic Backpack from Stockholm, Sweden. The Gaston Luga ClassicContinue Reading