Lomography has recently launched a brand new edition of their LOMO’INSTANT Wide, just in time for the upcoming year end holiday season. For Lomography fans looking forward to the holiday season, this is something that they can check it out – the LOMO’INSTANT Wide Victoria Peak! Let me share with your moreContinue Reading

Sony recently launched a new camera, their flagship APS-C sensor camera, the the α6500 (model ILCE-6500), the latest addition to their line-up of award winning mirrorless cameras.  When Sony launched their A6000 model, I had the opportunity to review the camera, shared my thoughts and experiences here. This series grew with theContinue Reading

Sunglasses, how does come into the picture for my photography website? This accessory is not directly linked to photography and mainstream photography accessories. The sunglasses is more of an apparel, essential and important especially for those who spent time outdoors in their work and leisure. A pair of sunglasses inContinue Reading

Sony recently announced a new flagship model of their Cyber-shot RX series family of compact cameras, the RX100 V (DSC-RX100M5). The Sony Cyber-shot RX series compact cameras have been a popular compact camera and I had seen them innovate and improve over the series. I reviewed the RX100 II modelContinue Reading

I visited Hokkaido in November 2014 for a Central/Eastern Hokkaido familiarisation trip and I fell in love with Hokkaido. This gorgeous destination is a photographers haven with the great outdoors and the natural environment. As a fan of the great outdoors, landscapes and love of photography, Hokkaido has a veryContinue Reading

Singapore Restaurant Week 2016 begins today on the 22nd October, for a period of 9 days till 30th October. We Singaporeans are food lovers, from swearing by our favourite local hawker food to the various international cuisines from around the world that are here in Singapore today. Not only doContinue Reading

Language, its role, significance and importance can never be compromised and neglected. Over many centuries, the human race evolved and transformed, using language to communicate and connect with people among themselves and others around the world. In Singapore, a multi-racial society that was slowly built up over time, Singaporeans andContinue Reading

A contemporary, modern and abstract art exhibition based on the article title above “What is Not Visible is Not Invisible”, what comes to your mind when you read this sentence? What do you think would be the different types and artwork mediums that define this type of contemporary art exhibition?Continue Reading

Times have changed, tastes have changed, lifestyles have changed over decades and centuries. Our tastes and requirements for saloon cars have changed over time too, go back maybe 10 years ago, how many cars on the road are Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs)? Now, look at the cars on the roads today,Continue Reading