Canon announced a new DSLR to their line up on 15th January 2017, the Canon EOS 77D. The Canon EOS 77D is quite similar to the Canon EOS 80D that was launched in 2016. I would share more on the differences between the Canon EOS 77D and 80D in theContinue Reading

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, for photography enthusiasts who love capturing memories, I have some ideas to share for Valentine’s Day gifts with some analogue love by Lomography! There are a wide range of Valentine’s Day gifts to choose from at Lomography, from instant cameras to Art LensesContinue Reading

Valentine’s Day 2017 is just round the corner, if you are planning something special and unique for your special someone, you would need something beyond your Valentine’s Day gift. Let me share with you some ideas that can be helpful and important to help you capture down your Valentine’s DayContinue Reading

Batman and Lego fans, this is the time to get hyped up and excited! Lego Batman is coming to save the City, showing today on 9th February 2017 in Singapore! The adult fans of Lego would love it (especially if you are also a fan of Batman) along with theirContinue Reading

The 11th edition digital animation competition is reaching its climax soon, the Top 10 digital animation videos were officially released on 14th January 2017 and this week would be the final week whereby the public can cast their votes for your favourite Top 10 teams digital animation videos! N.E.mation! 11Continue Reading