Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2008 Themes

There were 3 themes at the recently completed Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2008, I had to confess that, the 3 themes were very challenging and I am not creative enough. Before proceeding further, let me share with all my readers on my themes submission

Theme 1 – Change

Theme 2 – Dreams

Theme 3 – Freedom (Not Submitted)

Reflecting on my maiden adventure, my first photography competition, it was a great eye-opener for me. Having taken up paid assignments in weddings and events, the feeling, thoughts and emotions were very different. There was a sharing by Tristan, a professional photographer, who would be bringing the overall winner to New Zealand for photography trip, he got me thinking,

“Am I looking and trying to capture a perfect photograph?”

Well, the truth is there is no PERFECT PHOTO ……………..

Seems like in my quest in my maiden photography competition, I put aside my 2 extreme importance factors that makes a photograph good or world class

Passion for anything Photography

– Eye for Photography

If you are a photographer, you would definitely understand what I am writing here……

It’s time to relieve the passion and eye for photography, enjoying what photography can do, for leisure, recreation and how it can impact a person’s life.

Moving foward, what and how can my photography make an impact to a person’s life ?

This is what that will get me taking my photography to another level that I always wanted to, and I would do it with my photojournalistic blog.


  1. eunice says:

    “Moving foward, what and how can my photography make an impact to a person’s life ?”

    I really look up to those who risk their life taking photos of protesters, war time and face to face with death. Those photos certainly have a great impact to millions of people through generations. Maybe you can do something close to that? XP hehehe joking lah so dangerous =P

  2. Jinghui says:

    Hi Eunice,

    Thanks for the idea and inspiration ! 😉

    Lots of challenges and different types of risks involved !

  3. My Bug Life says:

    Not easy for those who risk life and limb photographing the real world that some of us don’t get to see everyday…I don’t think I am ready for this kind of experience right now but I have always wondered what it feels like snapping at war zones, violent protests. I don’t wanna risk my camera being smashed or confiscated though…hehhhe.

  4. Jinghui says:

    It’s never going to be easy, maybe down the road, you would find the inspiration to go beyond your photography to impact people’s life 🙂

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