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Exploring Angkor at Asian Civilisations Museum

An ancient empire that leaves a mark in today’s modern civilisation, a legacy that is artistic and spectacular, through its architecture and sculpture. They are a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Angkor City, located in the Siem Reap province, Cambodia.

Angkor is listed down on my travel photography bucket list (for a number of years) and I have yet to travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia and visit them! I had watched a few documentaries on Angkor (this BBC article on Angkor Wat is pretty informative) and I am very intrigued by their rich history, heritage, architecture and legacy.

The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) in Singapore presents a very special and unique exhibition titled, “Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City”, in collaboration with the Guimet Museum in Paris. Visitors to this exhibition are able to enter into the world of Angkor, exploring Angkor at the ACM, through the eyes, drawings, paintings, photographs and memorabilia of the French encounter with the Angkor during the 19thcentury that captivated the French public when the ancient civilisation made her debut in the international arena.

Visiting and Exploring Angkor at ACM, the experience was definitely an eye-opener for me, from the artworks, drawings, paintings and sculptures on display, they brought me into the world of Angkor, rich in history, heritage and culture, artistic, spectacular and amazing beyond words. Yet, there is a mystery and aura about Angkor, the Khmer Empire from 9thto 15thcentury, what happened between then before the French exploration discovered them in the 19thcentury?

When you visit Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City at ACM, take a leisure walk, observe the paintings, drawings and photographs. Some of the paintings and drawings were so detailed, sharp and real life-like. The artistic skills of the painters completely open my eyes and mind on the ancient Khmer Empire, with more questions than before. The sculptures on display, take a close look at them, don’t blink your eyes, observe their details and workmanship, some sculptures even look human life-like.

All the questions inside my mind started to pile up while I was exploring Angkor at ACM, this special exhibition got me more interested and motivated to plan a visit in the near future to Siem Reap, Cambodia, for my heritage and history photography coverage and documentation on the ancient site of Angkor.

After leaving the exhibition at ACM, I learned more about Angkor, Cambodia’s sacred city. An amazing, unique and special exhibition, definitely worth a visit to the Asian Civilisations Museum (and also check out the other exhibitions and galleries at ACM too)

There are also upcoming activities and events held in conjunction with this exploring Angkor exhibition at ACM. Keep a lookout for the Angkor Encore, a wekend festival taking place on Friday 25th May (7pm to 9pm), Saturday 26th May (1pm to 9pm) and Sunday 27th May (1pm to 5pm). There are also guided tours and workshops, visit ACM website for more details!

Exhibition details and information

Exhibition Title – Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City

  • Exhibition Dates: 8thApril to 22ndJuly 2018
  • Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum
  • Address: 1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555
  • Website: www.acm.org.sg
  • Enquiries: 6332 7798
  • Email: nhb_acm_vs@nhb.gov.sg
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 10am to 7pm (to 9pm on Friday)

Getting There:

  • By MRT – Raffles Place
  • By Bus – 75, 100, 107, 130, 131, 167
  • By Car – Parking is available at Parliament House, Connaught Drive, The Fullerton Hotel, One Fullerton, and Six Battery Road

Admission Prices (Exhibitions and Permanent Galleries)

Singaporeans & Permanent Residents $12
Friday evenings, 7pm to 9pm $12
Concession: Seniors, Students, Children aged 6 years old and below, NSF Free
Foreign Residents and Tourists $20
Friday evenings, 7pm to 9pm $20
Family of 5 $60
Foreign Students and Seniors $15
Friday evenings, 7pm to 9pm $15

You’ve Got Mail at Singapore Philatelic Museum!

Do you remember the time when you wrote a letter, pasted a postage stamp and posted it to your family, relatives, friend or penpal? As you are reading this, some of you might remember the good old days (I am sure you would say that, I would too!) when technology and the internet was not as advanced and sophisticated as today’s technology and communication platform and tools.

You’ve Got Mail!

On the other hand, the younger generation might not be to relate with this thing called, “You’ve Got Mail!”, they might have written some letters and post it, although most of the modern communication today is using technology and a host of different apps that they communicate with their family, relatives and friends.

There is a new exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM), taking place from 11thApril to 31stDecember 2018, titled “You’ve Got Mail!”. This exhibition seeks to re-ignite the good old days fond memories (for people like me) of writing, drawing and decorating a mail to your family, relatives or friends. For the younger generation, this exhibition would be excellent to know about how some of things were being done in the era whereby technology wasn’t as advanced as today’s technological standards. Hopefully, through visiting “You’ve Got Mail!” exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum.

Upon entering the gallery into the world of “You’ve Got Mail!”, I was reflecting and thinking … when was the last time I wrote a personalised letter/card, paste a postage stamp and mail it to a relative or friend? Maybe more than 20 years ago for me? Inside the gallery, there is a collection of 200 award winning decorative envelopes from the Washington Calligraphers Guild (USA). Take your time, to walk down memory lane, observe and admire the colorful and talented artworks, drawings and handwriting, each uniquely different and special.

There is still a certain charisma and attraction with the art of letter writing that the modern internet, technology and social media would not be to replicate. Every letter, envelope or card is unique and personalised, this is definitely a gift, a treasure that you can keep for memories sake and pass it on to your future generation because every letter, envelope or card tells a unique story.

Seeing Is Believing! Unusual Stamps

When you finished touring “You’ve Got Mail!” exhibition, it’s only the first segment, there is a second segment, known as “Seeing Is Believing! Unusual Stamps”. In this era of modern technology, stamps have innovaated along with modern technology as well, from stamp design and printing technology, accompanied with a bit of creativity, the modern stamp have transformed from the traditional and humble postage stamp (either square or rectangular shape) into today’s stamps that engage our senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

In this “Seeing Is Believing! Unusual Stamps” exhibition, visitors are able to have a good look at all those new age new look stamps! Each unique new age stamps tell a unique story of each country they were from, let me share a few examples:

  • Singapore (2008): World’s first hand-pasted beaded stamps depicting the exquisite beadwork of the Peranakans

  • Bhutan (1973): World’s first “talking stamps” – plastic (vinyl) stamps embossed with melodies of native songs that are playable on a record player.

  • Switzerland (2001): World’s first chocolate scented stamps


  • Austria (2004): World’s first stamp embedded with Swarovski crystals

There are over 150 unusual stamps and philatelic materials from the SPM collection and lenders on display inside the gallery! Some of the stamps exhibits are interactive and fun, ideal for children to play and learn about unusual stamps and philatelic materials from all over the world!

You’ve Got Mail! Postcard Contest

There is a contest organised by SPM, a postcard design contest! Now is the time to let your creativity and inspiration flow into your own postcard design! Mail your creative postcards to this address:

Singapore Philatelic Museum

23-B Coleman Street

Singapore 179807

Closing date: By 17thJune 2018

There are exciting prizes to be won, there are six cash prizes of up to $500, winners will be announced on 16thJuly 2018 and images of the the winning entries will be posted on www.spm.org.sg. Terms and conditions apply.

The two new segments at SPM, “You’ve Got Mail!” and “Seeing Is Believing! Unusual Stamps” exhibitions are definitely worth visiting, it’s going to bring back some good old memories for you, they can also be an excellent experiential learning place for young kids too!

Pass it on and Pay It Forward, share about the two new new segments at SPM, “You’ve Got Mail!” and “Seeing Is Believing! Unusual Stamps” exhibitions with your family, relatives and friends!

Details of You’ve Got Mail! Exhibitions

Venue: Singapore Philatelic Museum

            23-B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807

Date: 11thApril to 31stDecember 2018

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday

                                     10:00am – 7:00pm

Admission charges: Free admission for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents

Admission charges for tourists: Adult $8 / Child (3-12 years old) $6

Telephone: 6337 3888

Website: www.spm.org.sg

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SingaporePhilatelicMuseum/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ilovespm/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ilovespm

Offical hashtags: #youvegotmailSPM / #artonenvelopeSPM

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All About Dogs at Singapore Philatelic Museum

Year 2018 welcomes the Zodiac Year of the Dog, affectionately known as “man’s best friend”. The Singapore Philatelic Museum presents, a children’s exhibition titled “All About Dogs”. This exhibition explores the history, relationship and close bond between dogs and human beings, that started last month from 14th February till end of the year, on 1st December 2018.

Make a guess, how many stamps and philatelic materials can be found in this All About Dogs exhibition at the Singapore Philatelic Museum? There are 300 stamps and philatelic materials (on dogs) from all around the world, making their presence here in Singapore. Beside the stamps and philatelic materials, there are multisensory interactive exhibits that the children can learn and enjoy when they visit All About Dogs exhibition with their family.

A short history on the relationship between human beings and dogs, it can be traced back over thousands of years ago. Originating from wolves, the early dogs ate the leftovers thrown away by the human beings. As time passes, the human beings and dogs developed a close relationship, a special bond of trust between them. Thereafter, dogs slowly and gradually became domesticated to the over 200 dog breeds that we have in the world today. Our dog breeds today can be divided into seven groups, namely working dogs, herding, hounds, toys, hunting, non-sporting and terriers.

Inside the All About Dogs exhibition, the children can play, enjoy and learn at the following interactive stations

  • Role play as a dog groomer
  • Test the sharpness of a human’s hearing as compared to a dog’s
  • Identify scents
  • See the colour of the world through dog’s eyes
  • Piece together dog stamp jigsaws

My current family dog is a Japanese Spitz (fat, lazy, chubby, fluffy and cute), we used to own a silky terrier and a pomeranian (left us due to old age and illness). When I visited the All About Dogs exhibition, I tried searching for a stamp that shows a Japanese Spitz, however, I can’t find it! For the comic fans, keep a lookout for the iconic Snoopy, as well as Tintin’s loyal buddy Snowy!

All About Dogs exhibition is now ongoing till 1st December 2018, it’s great for the children to visit and learn more about dogs, stamps and philatelic materials at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. Do plan a visit with your family and children!

Details of All About Dogs Exhibition 犬狗趣

Venue: Singapore Philatelic Museum

23-B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807

Date: 14th February to 1st December 2018

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10:00am – 7:00pm

Admission charges: Free admission for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents

Admission charges for tourists: Adult $8

Child (3-12 years old) $6

Telephone: 6337 3888

Website: www.spm.org.sg

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SingaporePhilatelicMuseum/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ilovespm/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ilovespm

Offical hashtags: #allaboutdogsSPM #singaporephilatelicmuseum

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