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Exploring Angkor at Asian Civilisations Museum

An ancient empire that leaves a mark in today’s modern civilisation, a legacy that is artistic and spectacular, through its architecture and sculpture. They are a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Angkor City, located in the Siem Reap province, Cambodia.

Angkor is listed down on my travel photography bucket list (for a number of years) and I have yet to travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia and visit them! I had watched a few documentaries on Angkor (this BBC article on Angkor Wat is pretty informative) and I am very intrigued by their rich history, heritage, architecture and legacy.

The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) in Singapore presents a very special and unique exhibition titled, “Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City”, in collaboration with the Guimet Museum in Paris. Visitors to this exhibition are able to enter into the world of Angkor, exploring Angkor at the ACM, through the eyes, drawings, paintings, photographs and memorabilia of the French encounter with the Angkor during the 19thcentury that captivated the French public when the ancient civilisation made her debut in the international arena.

Visiting and Exploring Angkor at ACM, the experience was definitely an eye-opener for me, from the artworks, drawings, paintings and sculptures on display, they brought me into the world of Angkor, rich in history, heritage and culture, artistic, spectacular and amazing beyond words. Yet, there is a mystery and aura about Angkor, the Khmer Empire from 9thto 15thcentury, what happened between then before the French exploration discovered them in the 19thcentury?

When you visit Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City at ACM, take a leisure walk, observe the paintings, drawings and photographs. Some of the paintings and drawings were so detailed, sharp and real life-like. The artistic skills of the painters completely open my eyes and mind on the ancient Khmer Empire, with more questions than before. The sculptures on display, take a close look at them, don’t blink your eyes, observe their details and workmanship, some sculptures even look human life-like.

All the questions inside my mind started to pile up while I was exploring Angkor at ACM, this special exhibition got me more interested and motivated to plan a visit in the near future to Siem Reap, Cambodia, for my heritage and history photography coverage and documentation on the ancient site of Angkor.

After leaving the exhibition at ACM, I learned more about Angkor, Cambodia’s sacred city. An amazing, unique and special exhibition, definitely worth a visit to the Asian Civilisations Museum (and also check out the other exhibitions and galleries at ACM too)

There are also upcoming activities and events held in conjunction with this exploring Angkor exhibition at ACM. Keep a lookout for the Angkor Encore, a wekend festival taking place on Friday 25th May (7pm to 9pm), Saturday 26th May (1pm to 9pm) and Sunday 27th May (1pm to 5pm). There are also guided tours and workshops, visit ACM website for more details!

Exhibition details and information

Exhibition Title – Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City

  • Exhibition Dates: 8thApril to 22ndJuly 2018
  • Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum
  • Address: 1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555
  • Website: www.acm.org.sg
  • Enquiries: 6332 7798
  • Email: nhb_acm_vs@nhb.gov.sg
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 10am to 7pm (to 9pm on Friday)

Getting There:

  • By MRT – Raffles Place
  • By Bus – 75, 100, 107, 130, 131, 167
  • By Car – Parking is available at Parliament House, Connaught Drive, The Fullerton Hotel, One Fullerton, and Six Battery Road

Admission Prices (Exhibitions and Permanent Galleries)

Singaporeans & Permanent Residents $12
Friday evenings, 7pm to 9pm $12
Concession: Seniors, Students, Children aged 6 years old and below, NSF Free
Foreign Residents and Tourists $20
Friday evenings, 7pm to 9pm $20
Family of 5 $60
Foreign Students and Seniors $15
Friday evenings, 7pm to 9pm $15

Baisiri Maya Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Modern, cosy, comfortable, boutique hotel with some awesome views from the Premier Room, located inside Chiang Mai city centre, 10-15mins away from Chiang Mai International Airport and major tourist attractions in Chiang Mai. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Baisiri Maya Hotel!

This was the hotel that Team #EpiphanyGoChiangMai (Team Epiphany Duplet: Tiffany Yong and Peps Goh, along with Valentino Tan and myself) stayed in during our recent travel adventure to Chiang Mai from 29th January 2018 to 3rd February 2018. Baisiri Maya Hotel was our home base when we visited, explored and covered a few tourist destinations in Chiang Mai.

For the duration of our stay at Baisiri Maya Hotel, we stayed in the Premier Room. Personally, I really love this room, it’s very spacious (in the bathroom too!), beautifully designed, comfortable and cosy, together with a great view in front of you, a landscape scene of the mountain range located at Doi Suthep National Park. The late afternoon sun rays shine through and into the room, lighting up the chandeliers on the room ceiling, projecting light artwork on the room walls. When the sun sets over the mountain range, you can sit down on the bed or sofa inside the Premier Room and enjoy the tranquil moment and gorgeous sunset scenery. Late in the night, switch off the lights in your room, look up into the night skyline of Chiang Mai, observe and enjoy the pretty starry starry night!

Breakfast is available at the hotel lounge, just beside the hotel lobby. With a mix of local Thai breakfast choices along with Western breakfast choices, guests can have a hearty breakfast before starting off on their Chiang Mai travel adventures!

If you just want to relax in the hotel, they have a swimming pool inside the hotel, this is definitely not your conventional swimming pool design, rather unique and special, they are great for relaxing by the swimming pool , remember to pose and take lots of instagram photos, selfies and wefies! Oh, do remember to look up above and spot the decorations hanging from the glass rooftop!

There is also a gym that you can visit and do your exercise workout, if not, you can also relax in the hotel lobby with some snacks and drinks that you can purchase from the hotel front office area. Keep a lookout for their iconic and distinctive chandeliers inside the hotel!

Thinking of heading out to somewhere nearby for delicious local Thai food, there is a night market opposite Chiang Mai University, about 20 mins walk, a relatively short 1.4km distance from the hotel. The night market is trendy and hippy, with students from the Chiang Mai University hanging out there for night market shopping and food!

That’s another night market, smaller in size, around 300m away from the hotel, about 5mins walk away. Team #EpiphanyGoChiangMai had a local Thai food feast at the night market, a great and fun local dining experience! Do check out the photos in my Flickr photo album for more photos! There is also a 7-11 convenience store beside the night market too, if you need to stock up or buying something, you can visit 7-11 convenience store before heading back to your hotel.

A further distance away from Baisiri Maya Hotel, you can visit Warorot Market and Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. These two locations are excellent locations to visit for night market shopping and eating local Thai food. In order to get there, I would recommend taking their local taxi or private car hire such as Grab.

Baisiri Maya Hotel, is suitable for families with children, cosy and comfortable, located at a pretty convenient location, not too far away from Chiang Mai International Airport and major tourist attractions! I highly recommend the Premier Room if you are bringing your family with children to Chiang Mai for a holiday!

I would like to thank Baisiri Maya Hotel for their warm and friendly hospitality during our visit and stay in Chiang Mai. Thank you Baisiri Maya Hotel for hosting Team #EpiphanyGoChiangMai during our travel to Chiang Mai! A special shoutout to Tiffany Yongof Team Epiphany Duplet who worked tirelessly on the media trip planning to Chiang Mai for Team #EpiphanyGoChiangMai! Do visit her website and check out her article on Baisiri Maya Hotel!



21/190 Moo 2 , T.Changphuak, A.Muang, Chiangmai , Thailand 50300

TEL. +66 (0) 53 219595

FAX. +66 (0) 53 216837






Nearby amenties

Fresh Food Market / Small night market / 7-11 store

Night market / food eating place – opposite Chiang Mai University


Baisiri Maya Hotel – https://goo.gl/maps/WQbqZQMLfkH2

Fresh Food Market / Small night market / 7-11 store – https://goo.gl/maps/rENpbRecmPw

Night Market opposite Chiang Mai University – https://goo.gl/maps/4uVn3oY54kN2

Baisiri Maya Hotel

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Chiang Mai, Thailand 2018

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Sony launched A7 III

Sony recently launched the latest A7 III to their line up, a full-frame mirrorless camera (model ILCE-7M3). I had the opportunity to view, touch and try the Sony A7 III for a short time, testing and shooting it inside the function room, giving us an opportunity to test the capabilities of the Sony A7 III.

I have seen the Sony Alpha series develop over the years, tested and reviewed the Sony A7and Sony A7R previously, they have developed and improved over the years through their different series, A7, A7R, A7S. When I got my maiden hands on with the Sony A7 III, the feel of the camera body was solid and more balanced.

There were two setups to test out the Sony A7 III capabilities, the Eye AF with continuous 10fps on a model, the other setup was a model shoot with Sony flash, testing their ISO capabailities. Although the Sony A7 III test shoot and try out were pretty short, I was able to get a feel of their new mirrorless camera, their Eye AF is impressive and fast, the AF in the Sony A7 III is inherited from the Sony A9 model, the AF response and tracking is fast. In the low light high ISO test, while the Sony A7 ISO can expand up 204,800, I would probably not use it, I would stick to their ISO range of 100 to 51,200.

Here are some of the sample images that I shot with the Sony A7 III (resized and no edit, straight out JPEG)

If the opportunity arises to do a review of the Sony A7 III, I would share more in-depth with photographs and videos. Meanwhile, let me share and highlight the key points for the Sony A7 III:

  • Newly developed Full-frame 24.2MP Back-Illuminated Exmor R CMOS Image Sensor with Evolved Image Processing
  • Wide ISO range of 100 – 51200 (expandable to ISO 50 – 204800 for still images) and 15-Stop Dynamic Range at low sensitivities
  • World Class AF system featuring 693 phase-detection AF points covering 93% of image area, 425 contrast AF points and fast and reliable Eye AF
  • Continuous Shooting at up to 10fps with either Mechanical Shutter or Silent Shooting and full Auto Focus/Auto Exposure tracking
  • 5-axis optical in-body image stabilisation with a 5.0 step shutter speed advantage
  • High Resolution 4K Movie Shooting with full pixel readout and no pixel binning across full-width of full-frame sensor
  • The longest rated battery life of any Mirrorless camera at 710 shots per charge

The key points from the Sony A7 III that caught my attention are the AF Speed and Performance, 425 contrast AF points that work with a 693-point focal plane phase-detection AF system inherited from the acclaimed A9 model. Their AF response and tracking has been greatly improved, with almost 2x the focusing speed (as compared to the Sony A7 II, Sony test conditions) in low-light condition and 2x the tracking speed (Sony test conditions for still images) compared to the previous model as a result of the faster image sensor readout.

Their acclaimed Eye AF is also available in the Sony A7 III, even in AF-C mode, this would be extremely useful for situations where the subject is moving, looking down or otherwise obstructed.

Pricing and Availability

The Sony A7 III and SEL2870 lens will be available at selected Sony stores, Sony Centres and Sony authorised dealers.

  • A7 III body only – SGD $2,899.00 (inclusive of GST)
  • A7 III with SEL2870 kit lens – SGD $3,299.00 (inclusive of GST)

For more information, do visit Sony Singaporewebsite and check out the latest  Sony A7 III!

* Information courtesy of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific and Poter Novelli *

Reflecting Q1 2018 (Photography only)

31st March 2018, time flies fast and furious, it’s not something that we do not know. Today is the last day of the first quarter of year 2018 and I decided to take a few hours of quiet time for me to reflect on my personal and business side of photography during this first quarter of 2018.

First and foremost, let me start on the business aspect for my photography:

  1. Slow and small growth, not exponential, in this current economic climate, it’s still pretty difficult on the ground level.
  2. Photography business portfolio is expanding, need to upload and showcase more diversification when the opportunity arises.
  3. A partial travel familiarisation trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand during end January to early February 2018, a golden opportunity to add on to my travel portfolio and hopefully gain more traction for future travel opportunites in the near future.
  4. Phootgraphy and travel blog/website is back working again, my content still needs repairing and tweaking, this would take some time. At the same time, I am looking at making changes and improvements to my blog/website. A change of template is coming soon!
  5. Not chasing “numbers” anymore, I am chasing quality content over other benchmarks.
  6. Photography business can be cyclical, I must always be prepared, continue my marketing, content creation, awareness, engagements, collaborations, slow and steady growth is my motto.
  7. During Q1 2018, there had been hits and misses, all these are part of running any business and life. Learn from the life lessons and carry on moving forward.
  8. Always learning and improving my photography knowledge and skills, constant reminder to myself.
  9. Avoiding negative people and those people who “put me down” in my life, whether in business or personal life.
  10. Partnerships and collabroations: The foundations had been laid and built since last year, looking to grow and expand this segment even bigger, wider and further. Check out Hpility SG, The Epiphany Duplet and also Love At Second Sight project.
  11. During the most recent UQ alumni networking event in Singapore, I had the opportunity to catch up with my alumni seniors who holds management/executive level positions in their organisations, it was humbling to chat with them, listening to their advice on the difficulities in running a business (no matter how big or small). They were encouraging and helpful to share their work experiences, invaluable and priceless to me.

Next, let me share and reflect on my personal aspect of my photography:

  1. Less time for leisure/personal photography: when I am not doing commerical/work photography, majority of time were spent on planning, marketing, pitching, discussion, content creation etc etc
  2. Spend quality time on quality personal projects: Returning to my inner most photography self, taking on photography works/projects close to my heart.
  3. Commit to fewer organisations: Some organisations don’t deserve my precious time and photography. It’s time to reduce my commitment to just a few organisations.
  4. Not chasing “numbers” anymore, I am chasing quality content over other benchmarks.
  5. Always learning and improving my photography knowledge and skills, constant reminder to myself.
  6. Avoiding negative people and those people who “put me down” in my life, whether in business or personal life.

As Q1 2018 draws to a close, Q2 2018 opens, I am currently reading this book “The Little Book of Ikigai: The Essential Japanese way to finding your purpose in Life”. 生き甲斐 a.k.a Ikigai, has been my guiding principles for my photography, in both personal and business aspects.

Here are the 5 pillars of Ikigai (I brought this book along when I traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand)

That’s me, reading “The Little Book of Ikigai” in Chiang Mai, Thailand; Peps Goh took this photo.

My journey continues, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who have followed and supported this journey of mine that I embarked on. It has been very very tough and difficult journey, no words can describe it. There were times when a small pat in the back, or even pulling me up when I am down, small achievements and recognition lifted me up and kept me striving onward.

My Photo and Travel blog/website is back!

For a short time period of two and a half months since my last article post, there wasn’t any new posts on my photography and travel blog/website. For those who visited my website, you might have noticed some different during that time, the categories were gone and the links were broken. During this period, it was a very frustrating time for me, seeking help from the domain and hosting services provider reseller for answers and solutions. I had to ask my friend Brian to help me in the repair and migration of all my content to another domain and hosting services provider reseller.

How did this situation came about? To put in a short paragraph summary, making it a long story short, I was under Domains Priced Right, a reseller for GoDaddy. Around the last week of December 2017, I received an email from them that they would be applying an update to my account and I do not need to do anything about it. However, after Domains Priced Right did the update, my database was corrupted, my categories were totally gone! Beside that, I couldn’t login into my account because this data was also gone. Luckily, I had the help from Brian, who helped me to enter the backend c-panel and create a login folder for me. On hindsight, I have to say I am also lucky that the update didn’t wipe out my whole database/website!

This was the start of a painful, angry, disappointing and fustrating two and a half months of repairing the database, transfering the domain name from Domains Priced Right to Business Network Internet Hub (BNI Hub). I am most grateful to Brian for all the help that he had given me for my IT technical issues, he is running a few businesses and it was challenging to liaise with him to set aside his precious time to help me repair, migrate and resolve my IT/website/hosting issues.

From this big technical issue arising from my photography and travel blog/website, I learned some huge lessons. I have and I must backup my website/data regularly. I also learned the software and tools needed for data migration, this would come in very handy when I prepare to migrate my personal and technology website/blog to BNI Hub. Due to a clash of my c-panel database between Domains Priced Right and BNI Hub, my “new” website is http://blog.photojournalist-tgh.tv (sub-domain) and my original domain name http://www.photojournalist-tgh.tv is being redirected to my “new” website.

With this post, I announced that my photography and travel blog/website is back, I also have a number of backlogged review articles, camera news, events coverage to catch up, on top of repairing 1342 articles links (categorising them and putting in my tags).

Some changes are coming soon, with a new revamp, I am looking for a new template that fits photography and travel blogging/website. I am also seeking my friend’s help to rewrite the About Me page.

This down time period for my photography and travel website/blog is embarassing and affected my reptuation, standing, branding, site traffic and search engine optimisation. The road to repairing all these things starts now.

I have to mention my gratitude and thanks to the brands and agencies that I worked with. During this period of down time, I wasn’t able to share my photography news, travel reportage, events coverage and camera review articles. They were very understanding of the technical issue situation that I went through.

Last but not least, thank you to all my friends and supporters for my photography and travel website/blog during this down time.

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, I am ready to bring it on, to newer heights and beyond. Follow me as I bring you along my photography and story telling adventures.