Taking photographs for many years, remembering my days when I was playing a manual film camera when I was a young boy playing with my dad’s Pentax SLR. Over a period of about 20 years, I was really going into other types of photography and was mainly using SLR, compact cameras before digital cameras and DSLRs.

Even hearing about Lomography, I wasn’t really knowing much about them and initially, they seemed so special/unique and wasn’t able to fully understand and appreciate Lomography. Therefore, what is Lomography ? Searching and increasing my photography knowledge, I came across this site and it gives an good insight into the history of Lomography.

Influenced by my blogger friends, I came across a Lomography application inside iTunes, known as moreLomo and this application really amazed me and got me hooked into a new field (for me) – Lomography ! I was basically walking around and trying out street photography with my Lomography application via my 3G iPhone !

Sharing some photographs taken using the moreLomo application today !! Hope to share more different Lomography photographs soon !!