On this saturday today, I was initially planning to go the Big Eat Out at the Peranakan Museum in the afternoon, due to some things held up, I didn’t drop by for the food feast…..

Well, at a later time around late afternoon, I went to Suntec City for the BookFest@ Singapore 2008, looked around and viewed the various books and magazines on display there. The Chinese Language books were quite interesting ! 

I found many different travel guides and photography guides, there were even the famous Lonely Planet Guide Books in Chinese !!!! Well, I didn’t buy them, out of the many collection of books there, I chose to buy these 2,

1 Magazine –Popular Photography from China

1 Travel Guide – China on Foot – Yunnan

This Popular Photography had a great write up on Wedding Photography and outdoor wedding location shoots in China and great insights and photos too of other landscapes photos too ! 

As for the travel guide on China, I am a big fan/follower of iWalkU2, an awesome travel blog, especially on her photos and travel within China and many different parts of the world. Do check out her blog, very interesting and informative ! Gradually, I was fascinated by her adventures and decided to plan a photography shooting trip to Shangri-La, in Yunnan, one of my long list of locations/mountains to travel and take photos !

Now, I am going back to read my 2 new books !