Mention the word Ben & Jerry ice cream, it would most likely be a favourite food or dessert among us here and I do love their ice cream especially their milkshake.

Ben & Jerry organised an event called Chunky Fest @ Fort Canning on 6th December 2008, there were some Ben & Jerry ice cream imported into Singapore for our taste buds, along with other events there at the venue. Therefore, I decided to pop over to Fort Canning and take a look, it was raining and the slopes and grassland were muddy, resulting in muddy shoes, sandals, legs and clothes. 

When I saw the queue for the Ben & Jerry ice cream, it was quite a sight and I decided not to queue for the imported Ben & Jerry, give the exotic ones a miss this time round, still have the other lovely ice cream here ! Moving around, there was also an eating competition and it was really fun to watch them gobble down their ice cream. We probably excel in eating a lot of different food and Ben & Jerry ice cream is no exception !

There were also special bubbles at the side of the carnival ground, attracting many carnival participants to capture the bubble balloons and play with it ! Maybe future Chunky Fest needs to find bigger grounds to accommodate larger crowds !

Hope Chunky Fest come back again next year ! With more ice cream booths to shorten the queue, free ice cream for loyal supporters like us !!!