The Singapore Arts Festival 2009 is coming to a close with lots of big bangs, noises, firecrackers and fireworks ! The closing celebrations was a showcase event called, Crackers? by The World Famous (UK).


The closing celebrations was brought into the heartlands of Singapore, in a suburb or in local terms a housing estate known as Yishun, in the northern part of Singapore. There with an open field, Crackers? was shown to all those present tonight, with a great view of pyrotechnics, firecrackers and fireworks. Waiting patiently for the gates to open at 1945hrs, I was waiting eagerly for the show to begin.


Once the gates were opened and the people started strolling in and beginning to position themselves in between the inner circle and outer circles. For the uninitiated, what’s Crackers? all about ? A brief write up from the Singapore Arts Festival site and the Crackers? official site –

“The world is full of risks to be avoided. The economy is collapsing, the climate is changing and fireworks are too loud. YET, life is to be lived, and revealing its beauty requires a risk and venturing into the unkown.

Crackers? is a celebration of the explosive and dangerous beauty of fire and fireworks and an exploration of our attitudes to Risk.

Not for the fainthearted, Crackers? combines fireworks, projection, performance and music. Performed ‘in the round’, with the audience surrounded by fire & smoke, spinning wheels and fireworks. A symphony of pyrotechnic sounds fills the air. It’s loud, disorientating and cacophonous, but there are moments of delicate and profound beauty…dancing flames, giant Catherine Wheels and the ‘human sparkler’…”

Source : Singapore Arts Festival & The World Famous (UK)

The performers were mixing around the crowds, giving out party poppers and ear plugs, hyping them up to the start of the event, getting them excited and handing out safety instructions demonstrations. Once done, the performance began and the fun began !


Fireworks and pyrotechnics lighted up the skies, I was busy moving from the inner circle to the outer circle to capture different performances and moments, for more photos of this event, drop by my flickr site !


Love the fireworks, firecrackers and pyrotechnics ! Yeah, I love to play with fire !!


In life, we must learn to take Risks !