Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group has a very long and rich history in Singapore and I was proud to be an old boy of DSG since 1990. It was great to be associated with such a wonderful history and I deeply appreciate what scouting in DSG had done for me in my growing years.

On 5th April 2008, in the morning, I witnessed the handing over of the Patrol Leaders Council from the Secondary 4 to their Secondary 3 counterparts. It brought me back many different memories of my time as a scout in DSG, can’t deny the fact that time has really fly ! After the secondary 4s handed over, they were moved on to their new adventure, Venture Scouting in DSG. Before the whole group went on to prepare for the night’s 86th Anniversary Campfire, we went on to take the various patrol photos for future legacy and memories.

After the initial photo taking sessions, the group went on to prepare for the night’s campfire. Everything was under control and going well, I also took the time to help out for a while with their preparations and took photos of them in their preparation. Although I never came back as a full fledged leader, coming back regularly for major DSG activities as an old boy aka Dragon Chapter gave me a lot of satisfaction, pride, old and new friendship and fun !

During the evening, it started raining heavily and we had to prepare for the wet weather program. However, we were blessed when the rain stops in time before the official start time of the campfire and the boys and girls double quick time dry and clean up the campfire arena for the real campfire with burning firewood.

There were lots of fun and the boys and girls enjoyed themselves a lot. Even though campfire may not be totally the same during my era, some things never change, the spirit and friendship of scouting.

I was very happy to see a number of DSG old boys of many different eras coming back, as DSG grows in the future, it is very important for the old boys to be always keep in touch and stay connected via such major DSG event.

Dragon Scout Group Family – Past and Present

Only with the support, participation, networking and connection of the past and present DSG family, would Dragon Scout Group grows even bigger and stronger.

Once a Dragon Scout, Always a Dragon Scout.