A campfire is always an important part of our Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group calender of events and on the 11th April 2009, it was another night of fun and singing with a unique and first of its kind campfire setup, campfire with a camping and BBQ site layout. It seemed that rain would always turn the campfire into wet weather program. Persistence and patience paid off and the dark rain clouds cleared for the beautiful night sky to enter for the Dragon Scout Group Campfire 2009.

It was definitely not your usual and normal scout campfire, nevertheless, it was very refreshing for old boys like me, instead of just singing around the main fireplace in the middle of the arena, each “campsite” has its own BBQ pits and food were prepared for the invitees (Scouts and Guides) and VIPs, guests. While singing and enjoying, there were definitely lots of fun cooking the food around the BBQ pit, moreover, the schools weren’t just sitting with themselves, they were mixed with different schools and with our Dragon Scout Group too.

The campfire was declared open by the Dragon Chapter Chairman Mr Ong Thye San and started with a flying fireball into the campfire pit and action kicked started. As the campfire was ongoing with singing and performances, food was cooking on the BBQ pit, and making new friends and catching up with old friends (for us), chatting about scouting and 2010 scouting projects.

After about 2 hours of fun, it was formally declared closed by the Principal, Mrs Caroline Tan, after the prizes and gifts were presented to the attending schools and organisations. 

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