Singapore is counting down to her birthday celebrations on 9th August 2009, our National Day Parade. In order for the organisers to produce and deliver an unforgettable and wonderful experience for all Singaporeans and friends, there were many ongoing rehearsals to ensure that it will be a great birthday for all of us on 9th August 2009.


The rehearsal today is known as The National Education Show 2, many Primary 5 school children were seen walking towards the Marina Bay floating platform. As for myself, capturing the fireworks was my target and I decided to position myself at the other end of the Esplanade Bridge, nearer to One Fullerton for a different view and perspective of the fireworks rehearsal.


It wasn’t too crowded and around 820pm, the fireworks fired away and I was happily capturing them in action since I am a big lover of fireworks, playing fireworks (small size type) and photographing fireworks. Even though it wasn’t the full 100% for the actual National Day Parade, I was very happy watching the fireworks and capturing them in memories.


Looking forward to NDP 2009 ! Check out more fireworks photos here in my Flickr !