Hi folks,

For the regular readers to my blog, you would have seen the BlogRush widget at the sidebar of my blog, it is a wonderful networking instrument and community for bloggers all over the world to showcase their quality content to fellow bloggers who share the same interest and passion, uniting and driving readership and fellow bloggers together.

I would like to introduce TrafficJam, that is recently launched, powered by the BlogRush network. When I received an email from BlogRush network, I entered for my 1st time into TrafficJam and did a search on my category, Photography. I scrolled through the entire list of photography related blogs and recognised them because of their quality content and excellent photography works.

To my surprise, I found I had 3 of my Photojournalism blog entries listed in the Photography Category of TrafficJam !!!!

  1. No. 47 – Day 3 : Rose Cabin – Timpohon Gate – Laban Rata
  2. No. 248 – Couple Theme Photoshoot with Espoir Bridal
  3. No. 316 – Recent Photos Are Uploaded on Flickr

Unbelievable , thanks to BlogRush and TrafficJam for the recognition and networking that allows my Photojournalism blog to be showcased to the world blogsphere.

A special mention to Jack Lan, who introduced me to BlogRush ! Thanks, Mate !