It’s not too late to SUPPORT Earth Hour 2009 !

The World Scouting Movement is supporting Earth Hour 2009 ! 

On 28th March 2009 @ 2030hrs to 2130hrs – Show your Support ! 

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  1. Mei Teng says:

    Some suggestions from someone for things to do on Earth Hour this Saturday:-

    Organise a family night playing board games.
    Throw an Earth Hour street party with your neighbours.
    Arrange a house party lit by torches.
    Take the dog for a night walk.
    Sit in the dark and share stories.
    Share a romantic night indoors with your loved ones.

  2. Jinghui says:

    Hi Mei Teng

    Great suggestions to take up for Earth Hour 2009 !

    Let’s all do something for Mother Earth !

  3. I’m a supporter!
    Join Bloggers Care For The Earth Link Love Chain

  4. Jinghui says:

    Hi eastcoastlife

    Nice to see fellow bloggers supporting too !

  5. Shu Fen says:

    hey! i supported Earth Hour too! 🙂

    however, i had some reservations about the event myself…read if you are interested ^^

    Earth Hour – A Publicity Stunt?

  6. Jinghui says:

    Hi Shu Fen

    Nice knowing you here and thanks for dropping by !

    I read your post and understand where you coming from.

    Do continue to support Earth Hour !

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