Japanese Race Queens of Evo X Official Launch

These Japanese Race Queens were flown in to grace the Evo X Official Launch and they sure light up the whole event. Beautiful, kawaii, entertaining, lovely and very professional models / race queens.

9 thoughts on “Japanese Race Queens of Evo X Official Launch”

  1. Yes, kuromi !

    They were a lot better in real life ! I was not too far away from them when I was taking the photos ! They were very pretty and cute !

  2. Hi footiam !

    Thanks for dropping by ! Great to see you back here ! Glad that you liked the photos !

    Hi g_mirage !

    Welcome to my blog ! The race queens are definitely kawaii !

  3. Hi Herbert !

    Thanks for dropping by ! Glad that you liked the photos and the subjects more ! I felt the same thing too !

    U have a nice travel & photography blog too !

  4. Wish that I can take their photo too. Too less event or should I say no event in my small town here. 😛

  5. Hi Jayce,

    Do take your DSLR & lenses around often, wherever u are, there will definitely be opportunities for you to take photos of different people and different events !

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