Do you like watching puppets performances ? Well, I do recall watching a few different kinds of puppets performances from different cultural groups and styles, it was fun and enjoyable especially when I was younger.

After watching Ojarus and BAM, I proceed to the concourse inside the Esplanade and waited on the sofa while waiting for the next artist performance, Little Feet Theatre by Veronica Gonzalez from Italy.

It was a very fun and lively puppet show by this beautiful lady using both her arms, feet, hands and head. She gave a wonderful smiling performance, getting the crowds excited and the children glued to their seats mesmerised by her awesome performances.

With different suitcases for different skits, we were shown to a great level of laughter and excitement, made me feel young again and enjoying myself in this form of artistic performance. A great Saturday evening of watching different artists performances at the Esplanade…….. enjoyed myself …….