On 12th September 2009, while I was enjoying myself at Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest at the Marina Barrage, my workhorse DSLR, the Canon 30D broke down with an Error 99 code. For 1st timers, Error 99 is an error that is not usually able to be identified from the outside and it is not obvious. I suspected that my shutter has reached its lifespan and she decided to “Report Sick”.


Sent to Canon Service Centre at HarbourFront for repairs, estimated repair bill to be SGD $250 for shutter replacement and labour charges, quite a standard rate based on my experiences talking to fellow photographers. This is my Canon 30D THIRD visit to Canon Service Centre, 2 times for Error 99 and 1 time for trigger button replacement. I was thinking …… Should I consider an upgrade to the Canon Professional Series, the Canon EOS 1DMk 2 or 1DMk 3 ?


Before going further, there are other Canon Professional Series such as the Canon EOS 5D Mk1 and Mk2, EOS 7D (Coming soon), EOS 1Ds Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3. All of them have their merits and strong unique selling points, my reasons for choosing the 1DMk 2 or 1DMk 3 are for its high speed action especially useful in sports and fast paced events photography, where I am quite keen in because of my strong interest in Sports and Events.

Should I upgrade to Canon EOS 1D Mk 2 or Mk 3 ? (Photos : DPReview.com)