Mahalo it’s Thank You in Hawaiian. Reflecting back in the year 2012 and thanking the year 2012, counting my blessings, the moments, events and things in 2o12 that I was given the opportunity to document and photograph down here on my photography site and my Flickr 2012 collection.

In the year 2012, I had very fulfilling times in photographing and documenting

– Heritage, History, Conservation and Preservation

  • Old Places
  • Traditional arts performances
  • Traditional business practices
  • Ancestors trail hunting at Bukit Brown

– Arts and Cultural Events

– Photography Reviews Opportunities

– Photography Contributions and Engagements

– Dragon Scout Group


As I welcome a new year 2013, there were thoughts going inside me whether I should or I would be writing photography resolutions for the year 2013? Reading Outdoor Photographer Magazine Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers, it got me thinking hard and deep inside my heart. By writing down what I think, plan, strategise and want for my photography in 2013, it would be my thoughts, ideas and desires for my photography.

Here’s to Aloha photography 2013

– Continuation of where I left off in 2012 in the Heritage, History, Conservation and Preservation, particularly Bukit Brown and Old Romances

– My own photography exhibition (where, what’s the theme, when – seeking, searching and dreaming my own answers)

– Sharing and building up my FB Photography page to share my stories and tips for my friends and supporters

– Taking more many different photographs and sharing here on Flickr !

– Curating and adding selected photographs to my Photography Portfolio on 500px!

– Upgrading myself to another level of my photography, in terms of skills, knowledge and experiences. The areas that I am looking at are lighting and portrait photography (indoor and outdoor), black and white (street and abstract).

– Travel to locations whereby I can go trigger happy with my camera

– Sharing and teaching photography

Would you like to walk with me in my photojournalistic journey in 2013 ? You’ll Never Walk Alone with my photojournalistic journey !