The last night of year 2009 was going to be filled with countdown activities at the Marina Bay. Besides going there to capture countdown fireworks, met my friends for drinks and tidbits, having a picnic at the roads beside the Singapore Flyer, joining the crowds that gathered there to catch the Marina Bay countdown fireworks.

Watching fireworks from the Singapore Flyer wasn’t that bad after all, however, with the floating spheres on the bay that reflects different colours from the lightings, the best view to capture the fireworks would most likely be the Esplanade area, and they would have the best view of the house. Nevertheless, I was still able to capture the fireworks from the Singapore Flyer area and was quite happy with my fireworks photography, I am a big fan of fireworks !

After a short session with my friends, I walked over to the Esplanade area and captured the Marina Bay view with the floating spheres in different shades of colours, brightening up the dark Marina Bay and Central Business District of Singapore. Sometimes being alone taking night sceneries, it can be very peaceful and tranquil, not in a rush and enjoying myself. Moving further down to capture the Esplanade Bridge in its night landscape with my tripod and faithful Canon 30D.

Do check my photos of my New Year Eve 2010 Photography Adventure on Flickr !

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers ! Thank you for your support !