Pandan Reservoir Stroll + Photoshoot

3rd day of Chinese Lunar New Year, took the chance to do some exploration around Pandan Reservoir and the great opportunity to take photos.

It was a peaceful time for me in the midst of Chinese New Year Celebrations, it felt great to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Pandan Reservoir.

p/s: More photographs of the Pandan Reservoir would be available for viewing on my flickr photo site soon.

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  1. malique says:

    nice sunset 🙂

  2. Paddy Tan - says:

    I used to stay in Teban Gdns always job or walk around the reservoir too. Very nice and quite at times.

  3. Jinghui says:

    Hi Malique, thanks for dropping by, glad that you liked the sunset photo!

  4. Jinghui says:

    Hi paddy tan –,

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I totally agree with you that Pandan Reservoir is a very nice and quiet place for jogging and walking.

    Do drop by often !

  5. kbguy says:

    Just dropping by to wish you Kong Xi Fa Cai !!!

  6. Jinghui says:

    Hi kbguy,

    Happy New Year to U ! Thanks for dropping by my blog !

    Happy photo taking & blogging too !

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