As an avid photographer, I went through different phases in my photography journey. Starting off from travel photography to events photography, I was soon exploring the art of portrait photography, both indoors and outdoors.

The recent solemnisation photoshoot of James & Shirley gave me another round of outdoor portrait photography, more experienced and able to get the couple to do different poses and themes. An area that I am slowly improving, small breakthrough from my previous outdoor photoshoot of Wen Liang and Portia. 

Recently, I read PopPhoto and found an article on “The Art of Gisele“, this was about an exclusive 30th Anniversary Showcase for PopPhoto ! Dropping inside to read and view the photography works of Gisele Bundchen, it gives a great insight on the art and techniques of indoor portrait photography, styles and positioning. That’s always something you can learn from looking at how the photos were taken and I would strive to reach that standard one day, either on a professional or passion basis. 

I had asked a few friends before, to become my volunteer models to do a portrait photoshoot in studios, giving me an opportunity to hone my photography skills to another level. 

Any volunteers ?