In the continuation of my photography sharing tips, I came across this interesting photography article by, on “5 Out of the Ordinary Photo Trips“.

Photographers, travlers love to take many different types of photos during their time away in a new country, city or town. They would definitely have wonderful memories of their beautiful time, however, do you ever think of taking more exotic photographs, visit more exotic locations ?

In this article, there are 5 great suggestions for some great adventures and out of the ordinary photography sessions

(1) Chasing Tornadoes

(2) Snorkel with Penguins

(3) Capture Lava Flows

(4) Discover Shipwrecks

(5) Dog Sled by Day, Get Photo Tips by Night

The above selections are indeed something so unique, probably only the braver ones would be chasing torandoes or capturing shipwrecks. Do drop by their site and read in greater detail on their selections.

I would love the idea on the Snorkel with Penguins and Dog Sled by Day, Get Photo Tips by Night, something diferent from the normal holiday travel trips. I would probably research more on them in the future and make plans to take some Out of the Ordinary Photos to my collection !

Happy Photo shooting !