It’s another boring update here, nevertheless, thanks for bearing with me !

Well, I was chatting to my fellow blogger iWalkU2 and an inspiration came into me, something that I would like to do, it’s massive, culturally rewarding and fulfilling.

  • A personal photo album with my stories, my own unique photojournalism style. Locations could be in the highlands/mountains (possibly Shangri-La, Tibet, Bhutan, Angkor Wat). Further details need to be iron out, time frame could be 1 to 2 years. Finding more inspirations from sharing and talking to different people from all walks of life and countries.
  • Sports car portfolio TFCD shoot – In conjunction with Formula 1 coming to Singapore very soon and drifting getting more recognition, I have discussed with Jack, who had kindly agreed to allow his Honda Civic FD2 for more photo shoot (after some touch up) while I would think of how I can go about doing such a niche photo shoot and eventually create a niche market for my photography.
  • Learning and kick start on studio portraits photography, currently scouting for friends who are willing to help becoming my model for TFCD.
  • Learning and kick start on overseas photo shoot for pre-wedding + travel photo albums, currently also negotiating and discussing with newly married couples (my friends).
  • Create my personal portfolio album of events, weddings, portraits (a handful of projects over time).

Thanks for your support if you have read till this last line ! Hope it doesn’t bore you !