Earth Hour 2009 had just finished, how has it impacted you ? 

Are we back to our usual lifestyle and forgotten about the cause and objectives of Earth Hour ?

How can we ensure the messages, the cause that Earth Hour is spreading and teaching, will still be continued everyday till another Earth Hour event next year and the years after ?

Let’s all continue the movement of Earth Hour, with the Bloggers Earth Hour Link Love Chain, inspired, founded and led by RennyBA.

Norway: RennyBA’s Terella, with the Bloggers Earth Hour Link Love Chain 

Singapore: eastcoastlife, with her reportage on Earth Hour 2009 (Singapore) – WS

Philippines: Heart of Rachel: Vote Earth! and Fun Heart Hour 2009.

Norway: CultureSchock – Vote Earth!

France: A. at A Changing Life – Earth Hour 2009.

USA: Scarty at My Daily Life Experience – Earth Hour 2009 in Chicago.

Sweden: Lifecruiser – Earth Hour Stockholm City 2009.

Malaysia: Life Ramblings – Earth Hour 2009.

Philippines: FiliPina Jade – Do you think our planet is worth saving?

Philippines: MArites at Me, the islands and the world – Yes For Earth Hour.

Philippines:, with Earth Hour in Our Home


Continue spreading the movement …… and drop me a message when you spread this Bloggers Earth Hour Love Link Chain !!