Poll Needed : Which Fireworks Photo You Like Better

During the past 2 saturdays, I had took fireworks photographs and I would like to run a poll of your opinions on which fireworks photo do you prefer ………
I have attached the map for reference (From Google Maps)
(a) Fireworks Photo taken from the Esplanade (in front of the Stage@Powerhouse)
(b) Fireworks Photo taken from the Esplanade Bridge (Esplanade Drive)
Just to get a feel which location should I choose to position myself for taking photographs (fireworks especially) on NDP 2008………
Do drop by my flickr site for more photos for comparisons and analysis !
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  1. chromodynamics says:

    I like (a) more because the fireworks are better spread-out and less smokey. The buildings in the background in (a) also provide a nice backdrop, though it would be better if they could have some more exposure time so that they could be seen more clearly. All in all, a great job in fireworks shooting–keep it up!

  2. Jinghui says:

    Hi chromodynamics

    Thanks for your valuable views & insights ! Value them since you are a great fireworks photographer !

    Good point you brought up on the longer exposure.

    On the actual day NDP, it is going to be very crowded at the Esplanade, where I plan to shoot the fireworks !

  3. Indonesian Photographers says:

    I choose (a), it sharper image than (b). i agree with chromodynamics.

  4. alison shepherd says:

    I personally like the Fireworks Photo taken from the Esplanade a (in front of the Stage@Powerhouse)

    The image and clrity is better

  5. Jinghui says:

    Hi Indonesian Photographers,

    Thanks for your comments here especially, I am planning to take the fireworks from point A, the front of the Stage@Powerhouse at the Esplanade.

  6. Jinghui says:

    Hi Alison Shepherd,

    Nice to see you dropping at my blog ! Thanks for your kind comments !

    Planning to take fireworks from that location now !

  7. Seen This Scene That says:

    I like both shots as taking fireworks photo is really an art, more than science because of the rapidly changing light conditions. Try experimenting with different shutter speeds for variety. Hope this helps.

  8. Jinghui says:

    Hi seen this scene that,

    Thanks for your endorsements ! Indeed, fireworks is still more an art than science !

    I would experiment with different settings and shutter speeds too !



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