Do you remember the times … when you were young? The surroundings, your neighbourhood, friends, schools and your playgrounds? How many years ago was that? 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Fast forward till today, in this modern cosmopolitan society of Singapore, how much has changed? Are the Old Places that you affectionately associate and grew up with/and inside, is it still there or is it gone forever? Deeply and emotionally inspired by Royston’s Old Places, I began to research more on Old Places in Singapore.

Take a look at the photograph above, do you remember this Old Playground? Are you able to recall your childhood days? Or do you belong to an older generation or younger generation? This Old Playground brought back memories of my childhood days, just one of the playgrounds that I played during my primary school days. This Old Playground is located at Dover Close Estate and this particular area of public housing blocks along with this Old Playground is vacated and soon it will be  gone forever (when it will occur, I don’t have an answer to that)

Why did I take up a great interest in Old Places? It was simply taking a step back to slow down in this hectic cosmopolitan city life that I began to see and realised that many places could be gone or already gone forever into our history books. Not only am I just documenting and taking photographs of Old Places, sharing and passing it on to the future generations, it’s for me to get back to my childhood days when it wasn’t so hectic, busy and pressurising.

Hoping to lead and share with my friends on documenting Old Places, and maybe we can all come together to save some of the Old Places of Singapore and not just send all of them into history books. Photographing, documenting and sharing Old Places Singapore, shall be my ongoing project … Check out my Old Places – Singapore photographs collection.