My Canon EOS 30D had been a great workhorse for me, been with me through high up to the summit of Mount Kinabalu and various coverage in different events, travel and assignments. 

However, being an electronics device, it had a lifespan, faced wear and tear and depreciation. Recently, it was hit with a Error 99 and the EOS 30D failed terribly and the decision to send for repairs and servicing was made. A bill of $190 was chalked up and it was acceptable, however, after going for the Earth Hour 2009 Singapore, the switch-release was spoilt and it was not sensitive like before, I had to force it down to press the shutter and take the photo, instead of slight half press to focus then followed by full press. Therefore, another trip down again to Singapore Canon Service Centre and potentially another huge bill again. Luckily, after their diagnosis and checking back with their previous records, I was given a good discount and only paid $26.75 for change of switch-release and CMOS censor cleaning.

Today, it is back again and it is really good to have it patched up running good again.

Canon EOS 30D is a highly regarded and trustworthy DSLR that I am using currently, however, I am currently looking for a used Canon EOS 1D Mk 2, to fulfill my sports photography (F1 and football) and attain higher professional standards 🙂