Singapore Marathon …… 42.195km …. Here I come !

In about 7hrs 30mins time, at 0530hrs Singapore Time, I would be embarking on my pilgrimage again on the 42.195km distance, it’s my 2nd marathon run and I am looking foward to this great event.

After my dinner, I was preparing my bag and gear for the run. The items given to us when we signed up was superb and I loved it a lot because they are very useful and the adidas singlet was my favourite !

There was an interesting newspaper commentary in the Straits Times on 1st December 2007 by Rohit Brijnath on, “The marathoner: Pain crazy or plain crazy?”

I belong to both categories …………… Happy running marathoners and RUN YOUR OWN RACE !

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  1. shahid says:

    By any chance you have the link to the article by Rohit Brijnath. I could not find it in google search. or is it possible to scan the article and send to Hope the run went okay.

  2. The Bimbo says:

    whoa hope it went well and you are happy with your result!!

  3. Jinghui says:

    Hi Shahid, thanks for dropping by my blog ! I still have the newspaper and I would scan it soon & email to you, currently preparing for an overseas trekking trip.

    Hi Bobobimbo, thanks for dropping by my blog and sincerely appreciate your well wishes ! I am happy with my result and would post about my marathon run soon !

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