The Singapore Sports Hub has almost finish her transformation and completion! There is a Sports Hub Community Open House on Friday 27th June to celebrate One Year countdown to SEA Games 2015 festivities and on Saturday 28th June 2014, it is the SEA Games Sports tryouts and demonstrations. The new and transformed National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub has attracted a lot of new attention and with a fireworks extravaganza to celebrate One Year countdown to SEA Games 2015, many people flock to the surrounding areas to catch the fireworks in action and there were many visitors at the Sports Hub side and were part of the countdown festivities!


A fan of fireworks and supporter of sports, recreational and leisure healthy lifestyle in Singapore, I was there on the other side of the Singapore Sports Hub to capture the fireworks moments and celebrating the One Year Countdown to SEA Games 2015! It was great to watch the fireworks rising back again at the National Stadium and Singapore Sports Hub area. Here are my fireworks photographs from the One Year Countdown to SEA Games 2015 at Singapore Sports Hub!

Let’s all welcome back our new National Stadium and the Kallang Roar!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.