Owning a car in Singapore can be very expensive, not to mention our additional costs to running and maintaining a car. When I was studying in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, I saw how much they were able to put into their cars in the areas of modifications and styling because the purchase of a car is not expensive.

While I was at the Super Import Nights, I was amazed at how some of the car owners in Singapore had invested into their beloved cars. Some of them chose to do performance modifications especially with sports cars, while others chose styling and their cars were given a great new look ! There were also some cars who were a hybrid of both styles and it was truly fun for me to walk around and admire their artwork.

Being a sports car fanatic, I was always looking inside many different WRX and EVO engines, analysing how their engines are modified and what are the different accessories fitted inside. The new Mitsubishi Evolution X was on display at the carnival and it looked different from the past few Evolution generations.


Let’s take time to enjoy the cars on display here !