Ladies and Gentleman Announcing my Mystery New Toy …………… It’s a Presenting the latest camera phone  – LG Viewty Smart GC 900 I was honoured to be selected by LG through XPR to be ONE of the TEN Photobloggers in Singapore and maybe wider region, to be given the LGContinue Reading

An evening scenery from my Mystery New Toy, happy with the results that I am getting, still exploring and taking as many photos as possible.  A lot more to experiment and bring this Mystery New Toy to its peak and I would be sharing my photos along the way.  HopeContinue Reading

This was one of my first few photos when I got hold of the Mystery New Toy, testing out one of the colour effects function ~Sepia, that came along inside this wonderful Mystery New Toy.   Still experimenting and mastering this Mystery New Toy …..  Are you curious what isContinue Reading

A few days ago, I was given a toy to try, test and play.  When I first laid my hands on it, I was impressed with its shape, weight and size…… and its intelligent functionalities and in the days ahead, there would be my very first “A Photo A Day”,Continue Reading

Life is Viewty-ful, there are many different photography opportunities daily in our life, our work and our travels. Sometimes, even though you may just be a casual photographer, don’t you wish for a camera phone that you can take out from your bags or pockets and capture a beautiful photo,Continue Reading