Singapore is one of the most visited destinations in Asia by all types of travellers. But for any romantic couple, this city is found ideal to visit to indulge in common interests. There are indeed plenty of things to do, places to visit and activities to indulge in. The Best hotels in Singapore also have special rooms for newlywed couples allowing them to have a great and memorable honeymoon trip.

  • Boat Tour: You can take a cruise that moves along the Singapore River and get a glimpse of the beautiful city. Singapore River Cruise takes you along Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and Marina Bay. You can choose Laser Show Cruise in case, you desire to experience the magical laser show at New Marina Bay, which is sure to enhance your cruise journey. It is held between 7:30 to 8:30 pm. Tour duration is for 40 minutes approximately.

  • Private photography shoot: If you want to take pictures of your sweetheart using the services of a professional cameraman and equipment, then you can opt for this activity. You are free to use the shoot for personal video diary collection or commercial purpose. Choose landmarks desired to be incorporated within the shoot. Through digital library, you can share the final product with relatives and friends alike. This service is offered by almost all photo studios here. But do ensure that you are wary about the charges taken at the locations, where you choose to take the photoshoot.

  • Sky dining: This is definitely the most romantic thing to do. You can get onto the Cable Car and book your own private cabin. Inside you can have delicious 4 course meal and get to view the beautiful city with your love. It is at Faber Peak that your very own private Sky dining starts. You will be provided with red carpet and welcome drink. The cable car moves 3 times slowly from Sentosa and Mt. Faber at 6pm and lasts around 90 minutes. Vegetarians should specify their choice very clearly while booking the cabin.
  • Night Safari: The nocturnal wildlife park at Singapore boasts of having 115 animal species, with all being night creatures. You can observe them in action, like grazing, roaming around or hunting, with the park illuminated strangely by moonlight. You can avail guided tours, walk along trail and tram safari, where you can explore 7 geographical zones having related nocturnal animals in it. There are also animals from the African Savannah, Himalayan foothills, India and Southeast Asian jungles. You are sure to enjoy witnessing wallabies, spotted fishing cats, leopards and other animals. It is open from 7:15pm – 12am. For night safari, admission is offered for different slots. You can book online your choice of slot.
  • Ice Skating: It requires both collaboration and trust, thus an amazing couple activity to engage with. At JCube, The Rink is one of the most visited by romantic couples. You can even request the club management to play some special romantic songs while you skate. This is also the best place to propose your undying love for her/him. This is also a great place for families and children to be.
  • Create own Moss Terrarium: Planting something together is indeed a cute activity to engage in. You can visit Plant Story Workshop & cafe, where you get to learn the correct ways to grow & plan moss terrariums, while sipping on cup of coffee. You can also bring those cute creations back home.
  • Indie Film: You can choose Projector at Golden Mile Tower over mainstream cinema and watch well curated independent films. Vintage popcorn machine and interiors here are likely to take you to another time that you both are sure to enjoy.
  • Sentosa Island: Spending quality time with the partner here is quite romantic as there are plenty of entertaining and fun filled options to choose from. Sentosa Island is created exclusively to offer visitors with pure entertainment. It is also home to water parks, beaches, beautiful gardens, theme parks and luxurious resorts. It is open round the clock. However, the timing for specific attractions and parks may differ. It will be wise to buy a pass for a small amount. This will help you to avoid spending precious money and get to explore different places simply by using the pass to get in. When travelling to Sentosa, if you plan not to spend money, then choose free shuttle services provided in different areas of the park.
  • Marine Life: You can visit S.E.A Aquarium to check out Sea Trek Adventure and check out the lovely marine creatures up close. There are stingrays, manta rays, colourful reel fish, eels, sharks, turtles and other fascinating creatures of the deep. This activity is sure to leave you both amazed and have a fabulous experience. To enjoy it, you do not require scuba diving certification. But medical certificate needs to be submitted stating being healthy or medically fit.
  • Kite Flying competition: The perfect spot enjoy picnic with the beloved one is the Marina Barrage. It is located against the backdrop of Marina Bay Precinct. Here, the breeze is strong enough to fly kites. You can buy bold collared kites to fly them high and enjoy competition with others flying their kites here. This park is open round the clock. There is a store at the Barrage named Barrage Cove, where you can get kites of varying shapes and sizes. The park also boasts of having different restaurants and a water playground for kids. It also serves as an excellent place to enjoy picnic.

  • Couple Spa: To enhance your Singapore visit including that of your beloved one, you should definitely opt for the Couple Spa experience and get completely pampered. Spas here offered eastern & western massages and aromatherapy. They use top quality, exotic essential oils for the massage session. Few spas even provide round-trip transfers to make the day all the more relaxing.

Planning your trip wisely is sure to provide the very best entertainment to both of you.

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