#TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter, the biggest travel community chat on Twitter, this fun and interactive chat takes place every Tuesday at 9:30 AM and 9:30 PM GMT. #TTOT is founded by Melvin from TravelDudes (https://twitter.com/TravelDudes), along with Sonja (https://twitter.com/SonjaSwissLife) and myself (https://twitter.com/tangenghui) as co-hosts for #TTOT chat.  

In 2023, I took on some areas of helping out, organising and coordination behind the scenes for #TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter every Tuesday. I have also added this page for fellow #TTOT community to find the questions, beside TravelDudes #TTOT page – https://www.traveldudes.com/ttot-travel-talk-on-twitter/, as well as for #TTOT community to know more about #TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter.

#TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter

Why join #TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter? 

I came onboard #TTOT chat as co-host in 2020, you can read more about my story here “Join #TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter”. Over the years co-hosting, I met more fellow travellers from around the world, got to know more travel, tourism and hospitality related businesses/organisations on Twitter, as well as invaluable travel insights, tips, destinations information and local travel tips away from the usual tourism trail.

While I can’t recall when I first joined #TTOT chats, I always enjoy chatting with fellow travellers, travel bloggers, content creators like myself with my travel visual storytelling. #TTOT community is a great travel community on Twitter and social media, to know about destinations from different parts of the world that you might have heard of, or dreamt of visiting, and you have fellow travellers sharing their stories and experiences.

#TTOT is truly by travellers for travellers.

#TTOT Basics 

  • #TTOT takes place every Tuesday.
  • There are 2 #TTOT sessions, first session is 9:30 AM GMT, second session is 9:30 PM GMT. The fun doesn’t end there, you can continue interacting and responding throughout the day.
  • There will be 5 questions sent out by the hosts every 10 minutes.
  • On #TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/TravelTalkOnTwitter, you will see the next topic.
  • You can submit your questions, and your questions might get chosen for #TTOT chat (with a bit of luck!). Don’t forget to put your Twitter handle!
  • Remember to use #TTOT hashtags when chatting, making it easier for the community to find your posts.  

#TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter Questions 

Here are the #TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter Questions.

Date: Tuesday 19th September 2023

Topic: Exploring Locally


9:30 am&pm GMT:

Q1 via @TravelDudes: What are some of the benefits of traveling locally from both a personal and more global perspective? #TTOT

9:40 am&pm GMT:

Q2 via @SonjaSwissLife: Tell us of a time when you were able to go deeper into a culture of local acquaintances while travelling. #TTOT

9:50 am&pm GMT:

Q3 via @tangenghui: Has the recent global pandemic made you explore locally more than previously? How would you plan to explore more locally? #TTOT

10:00 am&pm GMT:

Q4 via @SonjaSwissLife: What resources could you recommend to research contacts in advance of a trip where you want to focus on the local environment? Any general recommendations for local contacts in a destination? #TTOT

10:10 am&pm GMT:

Q5 via @TravelDudes: Share a photo of a fun or meaningful local travel experience you’ve had along with the story behind it! #TTOT

Next #TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter Topic

Next #TTOT topic: Global Hiking Adventures

Date: Tuesday 26th September 2023


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#TTOT topics schedule 

  • 4th July: Views From Above
  • 11th July: Unusual Guided City Walks
  • 18th July: Unique Museums 
  • 25th July: Dealing with Waste
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  • 15th August: Wine Travel
  • 22nd August: Slow Travel
  • 29th August: Coffee, Tea & Travel
  • 5th September: Power of Reviews
  • 12th September: Multigenerational Travel
  • 19th September: Exploring Locally
  • 26th September: Global Hiking Adventures
  • 3rd October: Bright Lights, Big City
  • 10th October: Traveling for Wellness
  • 17th October: Honestly in Travel Photography
  • 24th October: Stunningly Beautiful Destinations
  • 31st October: Waterside Dining
  • 7th November: Winter Plans: Snow or Sand
  • 14th November: Playlists
  • 21st November: Traveler vs Tourist
  • 28th November: Airlines & Airfares
  • 5th December: December Holidays
  • 12th December: Obscure Travel Destinations
  • 19th December: Where are you Celebrating Your Holidays?
  • 26th December: Travel Resolutions 2024

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