Travelers, wanderlusts, photographers and filmmakers, whether you are on Twitter or other social media platforms, if you haven’t heard of #TTOT, let me invite you to join #TTOT – Travel Talk On Twitter community!


I have been on Twitter platform since June 2009 (and still counting!), my blogging/social media journey began in April 2006 (and still counting!) with the launch of my humble photography blog, that has since grown, transformed and evolved into the photography and travel portal/blog of today whereby I post and share my travel adventure stories and photos. My commercial photography portfolio of works are on this website, my photographs can be viewed on Flickr and 500px, as well as on my Instagram. 

Being a travel wanderlust myself, my passion for travel, the rich, amazing and wonderful stories that I experienced, from history, heritage, culture, city, food, photographing and documenting them became an integral part of my travel photography portfolio. Discovering #TTOT was a great and fun way to connect with fellow travelers around the world on a common topic, our love for travel. It has been enriching and a source of knowing travel info, news or views from the locals themselves, for travelers by travelers, away from the usual tourist trails. 

Most recently, I became a co-host for #TTOT! It’s definitely an honour for me to be appointed co-host and I hope that I am able to contribute more to the #TTOT community, growing and expanding the #TTOT community. Therefore, I would like to invite fellow travelers, wanderlusts, photographers and filmmakers to join this travel community’s biggest Twitter chat. 

Here’s a quick summary of #TTOT – Travel Talk On Twitter

Day: Tuesday 

Time: 9:30am GMT and 9:30pm GMT 

Twitter List: 

Facebook Page: 

Find the 5 travel questions for discussion here on TravelDudes website: 

Get to know your #TTOT hosts & organisers here: 

To all fellow travelers, photographers, filmmakers and wanderlusts, come join #TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter every Tuesday at 9:30am GMT or 9:30pm GMT! Join in the travel community’s biggest Twitter chat, have a fun and interesting discussion on various travel topics every Tuesday!

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