Taiwan is a very popular destination for travellers in Asia, for us here in Singapore, it’s definitely one of our favourite travel destinations. Of all the places in Taiwan, have you visited Keelung? Introducing beautiful mountains, sea and ports in Keelung, Taiwan! Although I have visited Taiwan previously, I have yet to visit the Northeast sector of Taiwan, I heard about Keelung, I watched travel programmes (from both local Taiwan and international travel shows) of Keelung, and I would like to visit there when I plan a trip to Taiwan again! 

At the upcoming Taiwan Travel Fair 2024 in Singapore, the Keelung City Government is joining this Taiwan travel fair, introducing Taiwan’s most picturesque coastal city to the people of Singapore, who have yet to visit and also to those that visited previously to plan a trip to visit and explore more of Keelung. 

Keelung is unique as Taiwan’s sole city where the urban area and harbour seamlessly merge, thus earning them the esteemed title of Asia’s best cruise home port. Keelung warmly welcomes Singaporeans to experience the maritime allure and beauty of this city nestled between mountains, sea, and ports.

Diverse Tourism Offerings in Keelung

The Keelung City Government values travellers from Singapore visiting Taiwan. They would like to introduce Keelung’s diverse tourism offerings, these include attractions such as:

  • Heping Island Geopark, renowned as one of the world’s top 21 sunrise spots
  • Vibrant Kanzaiding Fish Market, a reminiscent of Japan’s Tsukiji Market
  • Picturesque Waimushan Shore Walk – Acclaimed as one of Taiwan’s top ten scenic waterfronts
  • 300 year-old Cing-An Temple

In addition, various activities await, including:

  • Sea fishing and diving, the Chaojing Bay Festival held from June to July
  • Mid-Summer Ghost Festival in August 
  • Ocean Eagle Carnival in September 

Furthermore, Keelung is renowned as a culinary hub, and there is a saying, “there’s a culinary delight every five steps” couldn’t be more true. They boast a variety of delicacies, including:

  • Fresh seafood from Keelung fishing ports
  • Braised pork rice
  • Tempura
  • Nutritious sandwiches
  • Bubble ice available at the MiaoKou Night Market

Travellers to Keelung are surely going to have a wonderful and delightful journey filled with visual and culinary pleasures and experiences!

Taiwan Travel Fair 2024 in Singapore

At the upcoming Taiwan Travel Fair 2024 in Singapore , Keelung will offer Singaporeans an immersive feel of the city’s charm through VR experiences. Visitors can explore

  • Zhengbin Fishing Port Color House (often likened to a Taiwanese version of Venice)
  • Admire Keelung’s iconic landmarks with a touch of Hollywood design
  • Visit Bleu & Book nestled admits mountains and seas
  • Venture into the Xiner Air-raid Shelter
  • Talk a walk on Keelung Tower – the latest attraction in Keelung. This tower has an elevator that allows visitors to ascend the 19-floor skywalk for breathtaking views of mountains, sea, and ports in Keelung.
  • Take a glimpse of the towering 22.5m Guanyin Buddha statue at Zhongzheng Park, as well as he diverse culinary offerings of the MiaoKou Night Market.

There will also be on-site scanning activity where attendees can receive useful and charming souvenirs featuring iconic images of Keelung. There will also be brochures in both Chinese and English provided by the Keelung City Government. 

The Keelung City Government would like to introduce Keelung to the Singaporean audience (for those who haven’t visit and also for those that visited to return again) and warmly inviting them and welcoming them to explore this surprising seaside city of beautiful mountains, sea and ports in Keelung, Taiwan. 

Taiwan Travel Fair 2024 in Singapore

  • Dates: 19th – 21st April 2024
  • Time: 11:00hrs – 19:00hrs
  • Location: Central Atrium, Marina Square

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* Information and picture courtesy Keelung Government and MediaOutreach * 

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