The Canon PIXMA G670 printer was recently announced along together with another Canon printer, the PIXMA G570. Both printers are targeted at different market segments, the PIXMA G670 is for photo printing enthusiasts, it’s also suitable for professional photographers too! I recently got an opportunity to get a hands on with the PIXMA G670 printer, let me share with you my experiences, thoughts and views from my Canon PIXMA G670 review.

First and foremost, initial setup after unboxing

First and foremost, Canon PIXMA G670 users would need to get the initial setup done properly. Once completed and connected, printing is quite a breeze. I strongly recommend all to read and follow the instructions on the booklet or from the online manual whichever format you prefer. 

You need to setup the printer heads first before going to the ink tanks next. Follow the instructions  and you would be fine.

The PIXMA G670 uses refillable bottles of ink, some users may not be too familiar with them yet. Thus, the setup of the PIXMA G670 printer heads might look a bit daunting for a first timer using bottles of refillable ink. 

Here’s a tip, don’t rush the setup, one ink bottle at a time. Fill up the ink tanks one by one, each ink tank has its own unique nozzle design and ink tank position, align them properly and you won’t make any mistakes. Once the ink tank bottle is in position, the ink would flow down and fill the ink tank compartment up. 

Repeat the process one ink tank bottle at one time, remember there are 6 ink tank bottles for you to fill up. 

Connectivity and Canon printing apps

Once the printer heads and ink tanks are setup, the next step is to connect the PIXMA G670 printer to your local Wi-Fi networks. Follow the instructions in the user manual provided or from the online manual. The setup might be a little bit tedious, however once the printer is connected to your local Wi-Fi networks, printing is a breeze with the Canon printing apps. 

I strongly recommend users to download the Canon printing apps for ease of use and connectivity with the Canon printers. As for myself, I have the following apps, Canon PRINT, Canon Message Print, Canon Mini Print, Canon Easy-PhotoPrinter Editor and Canon Creative Park apps on my Apple iPhone 12 and iPad Air 3. 

The Canon PRINT app would be very helpful for you to use with the PIXMA G670 photo printer. The app is easy to use and navigate, it’s a breeze when using the app to print your photographs or documents. 

Tips on using the PIXMA G670 photo printer

  • Remember to choose your correct print media type and size before printing
  • Curate and select your photographs that you would like to print into folders first, that would save you time having to search all over the place for the photos that you would like to print

Printing photographs 

During this Canon PIXMA G670 printer review period, I was supplied the following photo paper types and sizes for printing, 4R Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, A4 Photo Paper Plus Glossy II and Magnetic Photo Paper PS-508. I printed a mix of colour photo prints and black & white photo prints across all three types of paper media provided. 

Colour Photo Prints

I printed a number of different photography genres, the colour photos were nice, it’s accurate and vivid. My views are that the red, blue and green colours pops up vividly, printing on Canon Photo Paper Glossy II paper helps to push out the vivid colours too. 

Black & White Photo (B&W) Prints

As for B&W photo prints, it was pretty good overall for a home/leisure/SOHO photo printer. My personal opinion is that Canon professional series printers still has the edge over them for B&W photo prints, based from my feel and viewing, on the quality of B&W photo prints that I did previously.  

Overall, comparing to my personal colour printing as well as B&W photo printing experiences with Canon professional printers since I own a Canon PIXMA Pro-10 photo printer, the colour and B&W photo prints from the PIXMA G670 are getting close. 

Magnetic Photo Paper PS-508

One of the various Canon photo paper media available for printing, the magnetic photo paper is basically a 4R size glossy photo paper with a magnetic back. Such creative photo media makes printing fun and easy to do at home. 

Print / Scan / Copy

The PIXMA G670 is more than just a photo printer for the home, it’s also a home leisure usage printer as well as small office home office (SOHO) printer or a small printer for your business operations. 


For home/leisure/SOHO/small business users, when you need to print documents e.g. school work for your children, office work documents, having a printer like the PIXMA G670 photo printer can do the job for you without having a need to travel to your office or asking others for help to print documents for you. 

Printing a Zine 

For creatives, writers, printing a zine is a creative project that we can do it in the comfort of our home with a home printer such as the PIXMA G670 printer. Although this printer doesn’t support duplex printing, you still can do it manually though, printing one page at a time, flip over and print the second page. 


The scanner function is good for document scanning, sometimes we have to scan documents due to the nature of our work/studies. 

However this is not a dedicated photograph scanner, I tested the scanning on a few old photos of mine, the scanned results were decent, not as sharp and accurate. 

Thoughts and Views

The PIXMA G670 printer is a multi-purpose 3-in-1 photography and home printer. This printer is catered for photography and creative enthusiasts who wish to print more photographs or do creative media works in the comfort of their home/SOHO/small office setup. 

This printer is just as ideal for home usage, small office home office, it’s pretty compact and not too big in size. It’s also ideal for small business owners, students and family with children.

For photography enthusiasts, I reckon that you would like the vivid colours from the photo prints, as well as the B&W photo prints too.

You can print photo gifts for your family, loved ones, relatives and friends, from different Canon print paper  media such as magnetic photo paper, to 4R to A4 print paper sizes. Although we are living in a digital media world whereby we are viewing a lot of photos online and on social media platforms, when you print out as a photo print gift, they would like it a lot, holding and viewing a physical photography print artwork.

In the course of my PIXMA G670 printer review, I printed a number of my favourite photography works and priceless memories with different group of family, relatives and friends. When I gave them my photography prints as gifts, I was very happy to see my photography works being appreciated. Their happy and delighted faces of my family, relatives and friends when they received my photography prints never fail to brighten me up too!

Do explore other creative print media options by Canon! They can provide you fun family bonding time over printing photographs, art and craft work such as photo stickers, removable photo stickers, dark fabric iron-on transfers and light fabric iron-on transfers. 

Looking for a multi-purpose home and photography printer that can be fun and creative as well as for studies/SOHO/small office work? Do check out this PIXMA G670 printer!  

I would like to thank Canon Singapore for the opportunity to review the PIXMA G670 printer.

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