10th October is World Mental Health Day 2021. A subject that might be considered taboo or frowned upon some years back, mental health awareness and mental health matters are now of great importance and concern, as the fallout and major impacts from the ongoing global pandemic has took a huge toll on the world’s population mental and emotional health well-being. 

The theme for World Mental Health Day 2021 is “Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality”. The governments around the world has acknowledged and recognised that more needs to be more on mental health services. Do visit their pages if you would like to know more!

If you have been following and reading some of my articles on my technology and business portal/blog, as well as here on my photography and travel portal/blog. My mental and emotional health were not in a good shape and condition, the impacts on running a small sized photography business in this pandemic period took a huge toll on me. On top of that, there were deep personal matters and issues that spiral me downwards into a rut.  

With the help of a few friends that helped and pulled me out, I started to lift myself out from the bottom. This wasn’t an easy recovery journey, times are still very difficult and challenging with this ongoing global pandemic, many of us are emotionally and mentally fatigued. 

Photography by Ryan Cheng

During my recovery phase, I went to the outdoors, immersed myself into nature/greenery, the peace and tranquility. I discovered an inspiration to work on a photography therapy zine project with a playbook element. This inspiration came from my nature therapy walks during Q2 to Q3 2021 when I went trekking into nature and outdoors, with my camera and lenses, photographing landscapes, light rays, bringing me peace and tranquility. This is an ongoing work in progress, part of my plans/projects for Q4 2021. 

Through my photographs and writing, I would like to share some points/things that could be featured inside my photography therapy zine, based on my own personal experiences dealing and handling with mental health awareness that might be useful for you this World Mental Health Day 2021. 


Keep a journal, write down your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You can even draw, sketch or doodle. Maybe you can paste photos that meant something personal to you inside the journal.

Outdoors / Nature / Trekking / Exercise 

My haven when I felt down and out, trekking in the outdoors into nature and green spaces is my saviour. The peace and tranquility, it’s so therapeutic. 

Talk to someone 

If you really need to, please please find someone that you can talk to. Someone who is willing to lend you a shoulder to lean on, a kind and attentive listening ear, that will not judge.

Read books / Find a new hobby / Rekindle your old hobbies

We are too engrossed and glued to our technology gadgets and social media platforms/channels. How about going back to reading books? Or find a new hobby? Have you always wanted to go back in time and rekindle your old hobbies? 

Of cute dogs and cats 

If you have followed me on my Twitter or Instagram, you would know how much I love dogs and cats. These lovely pets provide great therapy to us humans when we are down. 

Last but not least

Please take good care of yourself, your mental and emotional health well-being. Please don’t judge, please be kind, help one another. 

Let’s make it a reality: Mental health care for all, no matter how big or small the resources, means and efforts. 

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