Film photography fans, do you still remember the 110 film camera? Have you shot with the 110 film camera before? Would you like to take photographs with the 110 film camera again in this modern digital era? Look no further than this Lomomatic 110 – NEW Lomography Premium 110 Film Camera with a Glass Lens! When I started off my film photography decades back when I was still a young kid, I remembered the 110 film camera, fond memories even though I didn’t get too many opportunities with the 110 film camera, it was kind of exotic to me, I had a lot more hands on with my film SLR cameras at that point in time when I started my photography journeys!

What is 110? 

What is the 110 film camera all about? What makes it unique and special for analogue photographers? Let’s enter into the world of 110 film camera and 110 film! The history of 110 film format goes back into the 1970s when it first soared to popularity. This is a simple yet mighty 110 film format that made photography approachable and accessible. Although this miniature 110 film format faced a period of decline, it was brought back by Lomography in 2012 and they now proudly stand as the sole brand manufacturing new 110 films and cameras! Lomography offers an unparalleled selection of creative films, including colour negative, black & white, rescale and LomoChrome films as well as the compact Diana Baby and Fisheye Baby cameras.

As part of Lomography’s dedication to keep analogue photography alive – the new cutting-edge Lomomatic 110 is now available, ushering in a new era of creativity!

A pocket size camera to capture snippets of your world

The 110 film camera is a pocket size camera to capture snippets of your world, it’s crafted for those photographers/creatives who crave spontaneity and live for carefree moments. The Lomomatic 110 by Lomography is designed to capture snippets of every memory with its distinctive 110 charm. This is a window to snippets of your world, wherever you may roam, explore and where the road leads you in your 110 film photography. Whatever escapades that unfold for you, this tiny marvel is a pocket-sized companion for your unexpected twists and turns of life that you might encounter in your life journeys.

From everyday life/moments to special occasions, you can capture a glimpse of life through its sharp glass lens and compact creativity! The Lomomatic 110 is now available in the classic silver metal edition and colourful Golden Gate edition, both with additional flash attachment. The time is now for you to explore the world with the Lomomatic 110 film camera.

Small Camera, Big Adventures

The 110 film camera looks small, however, don’t be fooled by its small size! This creative small companion is going to bring you big ideas and big adventures! A thrilling companion for analogue beginners, the Lomomatic 110 is the sharpest and most trusted 110 camera for seasoned photographers, and a nostalgia return for analogue photographers for those who wish to return back to the grand good old days of thee 110 film!

With the Lomomatic 110, this camera can open the door to a world of possibilities with fully automatic settings, controllable ISO, zone focusing, and interchangeable apertures. It can squeeze into all types of small spaces for crazy Lomographic perspectives. You are now ready for anything with the Lomomatic 110, capturing fragments of life, each frame is glimpse into a spontaneous moment frozen in time, transformed effortlessly into a vibrant and priceless moment/memory!

Pricing and Availability

The pricing of the Lomography Lomomatic 110 Film Camera are as follows:

Lomomatic 110 Camera and Flash Classic Edition
MSRP: 159 USD / 209 SGD

Lomomatic 110 Camera and Flash Golden Gate Edition
MSRP: 119 USD / 159 SGD

Lomomatic 110 Camera Golden Gate Edition
MSRP: 99 USD / 129 SGD

If you are keen to get the Lomomatic 110 premium film camera and 110 film, you can visit Lomography websites below

Lomoatic 110 – 

110 Film –

If you like to know more in-depth and everything about the 110 Pocket Format, please visit

Technical Specifications

  • Film format: 110
  • Lens focal length: 23 mm
  • Available apertures: Day f/5.6, Night f/2.8
  • Maximum aperture: f/2.8
  • ISO: controllable 100, 200 or 400
  • Shutter speed: Auto (A), Bulb (B)
  • Focusing: zone focus
  • Flash: “Day”, “Night” and “OFF” manual settings,
  • interchangeable color filters included
  • Multiple exposures: unlimited
  • Tripod socket: no
  • Battery: 1 x CR2 (1.5 V)

* Information and pictures courtesy of Lomography *

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