If you are a professional photographer or an artist/creative in the fine arts sector, Canon’s recent announcement on new imagePROGRAF PRO Series Large Format Printers for Professional Photography and Fine Art Markets would be of great interest to you! Canon announced the launch of three new imagePROGRAF PRO Series (PRO-526/546/566) with superior print quality for photography and fine art applications. The new imagePROGRAF PRO Series (PRO-526/546/566) large format printers are equipped with new LUCIA PRO II (1) pigment ink is developed to deliver good print quality with strong light resistance and better scratch resistance, so prints can be preserved up to 200 years (2).

“With the unveiling of the imagePROGRAF PRO Series, Canon sets a new benchmark for photography and fine art prints. These 12-colour printers, powered by the revolutionary LUCIA PRO II pigment ink, promise to preserve the nuances of creativity for up to 200 years, marrying unmatched print quality with enduring light and scratch resistance. Designed for photo labs and studios, this series not only elevates artistic expression but also simplifies the printing operation with the new user-friendly printer design.” Said Vincent Low, Head of Enterprise Business, Canon Singapore.

imagePROGRAF PRO series

LUCIA PRO II 12 colour pigment inks – Preserving Expressive Photography and Fine Art Prints

The LUCIA PRO II 12 colour pigment inks provide a wide colour gamut which is well-suited for photo print images and fine art prints on different paper media. Deep black density on fine art media can produce more expressive prints and expands on colour reproduction in dark areas so fine details in these areas are more visible. With glossy or semi-glossy paper that retains the photo print quality with deeper blacks, printed deliverables achieve better scratch resistance with outstanding light resistance for long-term preservation with high image quality.

New Design Simplify Users’ Daily Operation

With new translucent exteriors installed for roll paper covers and ink tank covers, users will be able to check on consumables. New interior lighting enables users to view the output while printing. Moreover, paper type with remaining roll paper estimation and ink levels are visible at one glance from the wide printer panel.

With the newly developed ink sensing system, ink ejection condition is periodically monitored to optimise ink landing position to maintain high image quality and prevents image degradation due to colour shift.

In addition, the “Smart Roll Paper Set” function is available, which enables automatic paper feeding as well as automatically detects the, paper type and estimates the remaining amount of paper. It completes the roll paper set in a shorter time by speeding up the paper feed process. This reduces the hassle of manual coordination for  printer maintenance and operations, making it easy to ensure stable operation.

Environmentally Friendly Product Packaging

To reduce environmental impact, the new PRO series large format inkjet printers come in cardboard packaging instead of Styrofoam. The use of polystyrene foam packing materials has been reduced by 89.5% (3) in “PRO-546”. Corrugated cardboard packaging can be folded to be more compact, reducing the amount of waste generated during installation and the load for disposal.

Pricing and Availability

The latest imagePROGRAF PRO Series (PRO-526/546/566) Large Format Printers for Professional Photography and Fine Art Markets are now available at authorised Canon dealers.


 (1) Newly developed pigment inks are 11 out of the 12 inks installed. Only matte black uses same ink as imagePROGRAF GP-540/520.

 (2) When using Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum. Predicted value calculated in accordance with the indoor light resistance test method and life evaluation criteria of the digital color photographic print image preservation evaluation method (JEITA CP-3901B) published by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association).

(3) Ratio by weight, PRO-566 reduced by 58.9% and PRO-526 by 100%.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Canon Singapore and Gloo *

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