A Cleaner CMOS Sensor

On tuesday 15th July, I decided to send in my trustworthy Canon EOS 30D for a long overdue servicing…… Sensor Cleaning.

My flickr friends were highlighting to me on the apparent increase in number of dust, spots and dirts. I went back to my trustworthy retail outlet, The Camera Workshop, and sent it in for sensor cleaning. For my international readers, The Camera Workshop is located at 3 Coleman Street, Unit 01-27/21, Peninsula Shopping Centre, Singapore 179804. The place where I got most of my camera stuff and accessories.
Finally on friday, 18th July, I collected back my Canon EOS 30D and lady boss showed me 2 photos, before and after cleaning…….. well …….. I was amazed and shocked at the number of dots on my sensor (probably 20++) …….. In conclusion, a must do servicing…….
Looking foward to Saturday’s photo taking events ……. Keep a lookout here !!!

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