Dragon Scout Group Investiture 2012

90 years old and they are one of the oldest Scout Groups in Singapore Scouting history, this is my alumni mata, the Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group, of strong and rich history and traditions, constantly and consistently growing and maintaining strong in the richness of Scouting.

Returning back after a period of absence (from work/business commitments) to watch their Investiture Ceremony 2012, welcoming the new boys and girls to the Dragon Scout Group family. It was the day for Group photography taking, from the extended Big Family to the various patrols, Ventures, Rovers, Leaders and Teachers-in-Charge. This was also the day for me to catch up with my juniors and I realised that I still have a lot to catch up with them and would like to mentor them there is an opportunity since I am busy with my business/work commitments.

Looking forward to the Dragon Scout Group activities for the Year 2012, I hope to be more active and come back a bit more often, let’s hope that fellow Old Boys a.k.a Dragon Chapter would be back too in more numbers and strength too. Do check out some photographs taken on Facebook here, our Facebook Group for Dragon Scout Group and Dragon Chapter. Here’s some other photographs taken during Dragon Scout Group Investiture 2012 on Flickr.

Wishing Dragon Scout Group all the best in 2012 !! Onward Dragon Scout Group !! 

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