DSG Hawaii Overseas Exchange 2012 Day 1 – ALOHA Hawaii !

The Korean Air flight from Incheon International Airport to Honolulu took approximately 8hrs 20mins, after flying from Singapore to Seoul and spending a 12hrs transit at Incheon International Airport. The 8hrs 20mins flight was filled with a number of turbulences, (constantly rocking on the journey to our destination Honolulu) since the plane was flying over the vast and open Pacific Ocean. Arriving at around 1015am Hawaii local time, we touched down at Honolulu International Airport and it’s ALOHA Hawaii !!


It’s Day 1 in Hawaii, we were all happy to be on the ground after 8hrs in the air. Clearing immigrations and customs check, the boys and girls changed into their Scout uniforms, collected their backpacks and getting ready to move out together. As for me, since I am no longer wearing a Scout uniform, I made arrangements to exit first and linked up with our Hawaiian Scoutmasters who were waiting for us outside. This would also allow me to prepare my camera and start taking photos when the DSG contingent exit from the airport. When I reached the Group Arrival Entrance, I managed to spot Wayson and Edwina! I received a warm Hawaiian welcome from them, chatting with them while waiting for the boys and girls to come out from the airport. Sterling soon appeared and it was great to see him again and in Hawaii!


Soon the DSG Hawaiian Overseas Exchange Program 2012 contingent were led out by Mr Kevin Kung, one of the teachers-in-charge and coordinator for this exchange program. The 25 boys and girls followed suit behind with their backpacks and daypacks on the trolleys. The DSG group gathered around the side and each of them was presented with a nice Hawaiian Kukui Nut Necklace by our lovely host Edwina, just like a Mummy to the little boys and girls. After the welcome and presentation was completed, we started making our way to the other end of the airport, where the postal services compound was located. We started to load up our bags and our hosts/Hawaiian friends started to ferry all of us to our campsite, DAV campsite beside Keehi Lagoon Park that was not too far away from the airport.



The schedule for Day 1 wasn’t too packed for the boys and girls. After settling down with their bags, we took a group photo with our Hawaiian hosts/friends to mark our arrival at Hawaii and the start of DSG Hawaii Overseas Exchange 2012! Lunch was first on the list, hosted and prepared by our Hawaiian hosts/friends, this was also a chance for the boys and girls to rest and interact with our Hawaiian hosts/friends too. After lunch, it was camp development time, pitching up the tents, getting the bags into the tents. Once that was done, DSG had their first Flag Break ceremony in Hawaii. Since the schedule wasn’t too packed, I was able to explore around the campsite, walked to the bay area and captured a very beautiful Hawaiian sunset!


As time goes by for Day 1, it was dinner time, a continuation of rest and interaction with our Hawaiian hosts/friends. The Day 1 program was planned to be relaxing, as our kind and warm Hawaiian hosts considered jet lag and having to adjust our body clock to local day/time conditions. During Day 1 dinner time, we had old Hawaiian Scout Troop 42 friends and other Hawaiian Scoutmasters dropping by to visit us and catching up.


During the night, there was a group debrief, that was a common feature for this whole exchange program and also a briefing for Day 2 activities, schedule, timings and instructions to be carried out e.g. Duty Group (Patrol) for Flag Break/Lowering Ceremony and Duty Group for Breakfast/Dinner cooking. Thereafter, it was lights out, sweet dreams and this signals the end of Day 1 for DSG Hawaii Overseas Exchange Program 2012.

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