N.E.mation! 7 is back !

In its 7th Season, N.E.mation! is back with a bang! A digital animation competition organised by Nexus for youths to express their thoughts on Total Defence, it was highly successful and well received by many students, who participated in the N.E.mation! over the past 6 seasons.

N.E.mation! 7 is back and they are looking for submissions from students and the theme for season 7 is “Together We Overcome”. Do you have a creative story idea based on this season’s theme? Do you remember the different crisis that hit Singapore and the people of Singapore stepped up to rally and face it together? Singapore is a young nation, our peace and prosperity were built up by the determination and hard work of generations of Singaporeans over many years. We all went through good times, bad times, challenging times and tough times, overcoming them in the journey that brought us to where we are today. We all have dreams, aspirations, we face new challenges and opportunities. With our collective experiences in “Together We Overcome”, Singapore will continue moving forward into the future with greater success!

If you have no prior knowledge or experience in animation, do not worry! You will be taught story building, story boarding, presenting and animation! The selection process for N.E.mation! is an intensive and exciting one all within the space of one week; participating teams will be filtered from the Top 100 to the Top 10. Within that one-week period, the selected teams will undergo workshops, consultations with instructors and get themselves hands-on at first-hand animating before the final 10 teams are announced. Do check out the Competition At A Glance for a more detailed understanding of the N.E.mation!

Here’s the links for N.E.mation! if you need further information –






There are many attractive prizes to be won! The Champion team stands to win a fully sponsored overseas trip to visit a renowned animation studio! Your animation clips might be aired on national television and that will make your portfolio/resume look impressive and proud! Look no further, head down to www.nemation.sg and register for N.E.mation! 7. Closing date for registration is 12th August 2012 !!

In N.E.mation! 6, I was invited to have a first hands-on experience in digital animation (my very first time!) and let me share with you my story here! It was a very fun experience in that short training session and I enjoyed it a lot!

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