NDP Preview 2008

After weeks of practice, it’s the time for the National Day Parade Preview 2008. I decided to head for the Suntec Convention Centre for the Ceremonial Flags Uncasing Ceremony first, being the Preview, it was the full dress rehearsal for the Grand Finale on 9th August 2008.



Besides the full uncasing ceremony procedures, the public watching the uncasing ceremony were given a short video presentation on the two giant television screens on the history of the ceremonial flags and colours, the importance and relevance in Singapore today. It was also an eye opener for me too, going back into the history and understanding our roots better. 

Thereafter, I took some photos of the Colour Party, Guard of Honour Contingent and supporting uniformed groups contingent marching towards the Marina Bay Front. Today’s security and road blocks were a lot stricter and safer, and it was more difficult to move across to the Esplanade. When I got to the Esplanade Bridge, I had already missed most of the pre-parade segment, the Red Lions Parachuters, jet-ski displays etc….. The crowds were getting bigger but not too jammed packed yet. 

I finally managed to find myself a spot on the Esplanade Bridge closer to the Esplanade and waited for the action to start. The weather was very good yesterday and it was very exciting to take photos of the National Flag Fly Past, Black Knights awesome aerial display in the clear blue sky ! 


After that, waited for the fireworks to start. It was a very windy day and tricky too. The smoke just kept on blowing into the direction of the Esplanade Bridge and some of my photos had a lot of smoke inside it ! We at the bridge were not spared from the ash of the expanded fireworks, it dropped on us due to the strong winds blowing towards the people on the bridge, it dropped on our clothes, hair and even landed into our mouth !!!!




It was a fitting grand finale of fireworks, very beautiful and Happy NDP Preview 2008 !

Do drop by my flickr site for NDP Preview 2008 photos !


  1. oh u went to the preview? I saw the firework at bugis! Did you see some letter “S” in the firework? =D

    Where will u go for firework shooting?

  2. Yeah, I was at the Esplanade Bridge watching & capturing the action !

    Managed to get the letter "S" in the firework ! Do check it out !

    For fireworks shooting, there would be locations like –
    (1) Esplanade
    (2) Esplanade Bridge
    (3) Merlion Park
    (4) Grass patch beside NTUC Centre

    If you need more info, I can email you the directions.

    Have fun !

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