Old Playgrounds: Elephant Playground

Exploring, documenting and photographing the Old Playgrounds remaining in Singapore, I traveled to the Eastern part of Singapore to re-discover the Old Elephant Playground. This particular Old Elephant Playground design was a combination of swings, slides and mini tunnels and it wasn’t the type of Old Playground that I played mostly at. However, this did not stop me from enjoying and playing at the Old Elephant Playground, located inside Home Team NS Chalet, Pasir Ris Park.


This Old Elephant Playground is getting more popular with the younger generation who probably grew up without having too much idea of such types of Old Playgrounds in Singapore. They were taking their pre-wedding outdoor photographs at the Old Elephant Playground, it was happy, funny and enjoyable to see their lovely photographs! When I visited the Old Elephant Playground, the nostalgia feelings of back to my childhood days came flooding back into me when I first arrived at the Old Elephant Playground. I stood there, looking at the Old Elephant Playground, basking under the lovely morning sun shining beautifully on them. Stepping up into the Old Elephant Playground, the feeling of the sand pit Old Playgrounds, it was priceless.


Touching and feeling the different components of the Old Elephant Playground, we can feel and see the history and heritage of the Old Elephant Playground. The painting on some parts had faded in colours and had peeled off. For the slides, it’s the same old feeling whenever I was up there, sliding down slowly and enjoying the fun times as a kid. The swings were probably replaced since the seat and chain looked pretty new and shining! As a kid, we can run around, up and down the slides, on the swing or even play “Catching” game! Those were the happy days when we were kids, the stress and pressures were not there like today, we just had our fun and enjoyable play times with our friends at the playgrounds! Nearby to the Old Elephant Playground within the same compound, there lies another Old Playground, 2 swings on wooden poles. The seats and chains were probably replaced since they also looked pretty new and shining!



As I continue to bring you through a journey into the Old Playgrounds, through my eyes, my photographs, personal stories and documentaries of the Old Playgrounds, I sincerely hope that all our Old Playgrounds will be preserved and conserved for the sake of our future Singapore Generations. Our future Singaporeans will be able to have a glimpse and an idea of the leisure, recreational and cultural aspects of their forefathers generation. The history and heritage of our Old Playgrounds can never be underestimated. In my journey to photographing and documenting each Old Playground remaining in Singapore, some may not make it, gone and will be lost into the history books or archives forever.

Will you join me in going back to your childhood days and play again at the Old Playgrounds?

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