Strobist Lighting (2 Speedlites) Photography Experiences

My strobist lighting adventure has been a very fun and interesting experience over the past few months, since I started learning and adding photography accessories such as radio triggers, transceivers, light stands and umbrellas. My maiden lighting experience was with the Profoto B1 500 Air TTL and prior to that, I helped out Weili of Posionous Online Photography Store as his photographer assistant in his studio dance shoot. The learning experience was great and it  reinforced my photography philosophy that there is always something new to learn in photography and we can never stop learning in life and in our photography journey as well!

After these 2 initial experiences, I slowly added a few more accessories, with 2 units of PocketWizard Multi-Max transceivers and my friend Dave Koh Photograph loaned me his light stand and 2-in-1 Softbox Umbrella.

My current Basic Lighting Photography Setup is as follows – 

– 1 x Stand
– 1 x Adaptor
– 1 x Canon 580EX2
– 1 x  2-in-1 Black Reflective + White Umbrella
– 1 x Trans-receiver FlexTT5 & 1 x Transmitter MiniTT1 (Pocket Wizard)
– 2 x Pocket Wizard MultiMax Radio Trigger
– 1 x 2-in-1 SoftBox + Umbrella + 1 x adaptor + 1 x stand (On T-loan)
I recently did 3 personal projects using a 1 x speedlite strobist setup with Poisonous Online Photography Store – Strobist Photography Starter Kit, kindly loaned to me for a review. Stay tuned to my upcoming review and sharing of my personal projects too!
From my 1 speedlite strobist photography to 2 speedlite strobist photography, I still have a lot to learn and I am grateful to David Tay of WK Photography for allowing me to follow along his recce and test shoot for his upcoming corporate shoot assignments. I learned more strobist lighting techniques, tips, tricks and a great exchange of different photographer’s views, perspectives and compositions. The recce and test shoot was a great time to bounce off ideas and perspectives and it’s a Win-Win for both of us! Here are 2 of the photographs that were shot during the recce shoot!
Here’s the EXIF Info
Aperture: f/11
Shutter: 1/60s
ISO: 100
The lighting diagram setup by SyLights was very useful to take down notes and remember the strobist lighting setup that was used in taking the photograph. The 2 speedlites were on full power, no TTL and there were no modifiers attached to the 2 speedlites. When the shot was taken and the photograph was produced, I was happy with the artwork, the impact and the two interesting shadows! This could be a future location for some interesting/special corporate photograph shoot, during the evening sunset timing!
There are still a lot more for me to learn, improve and try out! I am looking forward to sharing more stories and photographs of my strobist photography adventures and experiences!

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