Treasures of the World at National Museum of Singapore

Over 200 of the world’s most exceptional, historical and amazing objects from the oldest public national museum in world, the British Museum, are visiting Singapore for a short period of time from 5th December 2015 to 29th May 2016, residing in the Exhibition Galleries at the National Museum of Singapore.

Treasures of the World – From the British Museum, a highly anticipated exhibition from the British Museum in London, brings together more than two million years of diverse culture, history, heritage, conservation and preservation, featuring relics from ancient civilisations and treasures spanning from different continents, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the Americas and Oceania.


This is the largest and most comprehensive art exhibition from the British Musuem’s collection in Singapore to date. I had the opportunity to tour this massive, amazing and eye opener exhibition during a blogger preview prior to her official opening. During the blogger preview tour, we were brought around the exhibition by curator Szan Tan. I was totally blown away, this exhibition was very enriching and educational for me.

Treasures of the World, is something very special and I personally felt that it would attract visitors, both locals and international visitors alike. There is a powerful and charismatic aura that arises from Treasures of the World, this exhibition connects our hearts and mind to the world, from 800,000 years ago to the modern year today, Treasures of the World is able to connect everyone of us, the human race together. Admist the rich long history and culture of the human race on Earth, there are some common things that we share and connect, inside the Treasures of the World exhibition.

With over 200 exceptional artefacts on display at the National Museum of Singapore, I am unable to share each and every artefact on display here. Instead, I hope that through my article here and some of my photographs that I shared, I would be able to attract and encourage you to visit Treasures of the World exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore.

Let me walk you through some of the most amazing and fascinating artefacts from the different continents of the world and share some of my personal favourite artefacts displayed there –

Potlatch Welcome Figure


Potlatch Welcome figure, Canada

19th Century AD

Copyright 2015 the Trustees of the British Musuem

This figure is really tall, standing at a height of 237cm, wide 75cm. You can’t miss it and you will be attracted by this tall figure. Potlatch figures welcome guests at winter potlatch ceremonies of the Kwakwaka’wakw of Vancouver Island off the Pacific Northwest Coast.

The Potlatch figure is my personal pick, as well as the Director, National Museum’s pick and also the Curator’s pick too, welcoming you to Treasures of the World exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore!

The Three Crosses


The Three Crosses, Rembrandt

AD 1653

Copyright 2015 the Trustees of the British Museum

The celebrated Dutch painter, Rembrandt, painted this art masterpiece, titled “The Three Crosses”, showcasing the bold contrast between light and shade. Personally, as a photographer myself, Rembrandt lighting, a technique used in portrait photography, is named after the Dutch Master painter/artist Rembrandt. From his master painting on display, I was able to appreciate and understand Rembrandt lighting technique better and more in-depth, through looking, admiring and understanding his artwork masterpiece.

The four seasons with the sun and moon, a pair of 6 fold screen paintings



Pair of screen paintings, Japan

Late 16th century AD

Copyright 2015 the Trustees of the British Museum

Painted during the Momoyama period, representing the four seasons of Japan, starting with spring, represented by double cherry blossoms, and ending in winter on the left, represented by snow-covered bamboos. I was kind of heavily influenced by Japanese culture during my growing up years from a young child to a young adult in the 80s and 90s. I love the four seasons, especially spring and autumn colours. Therefore, this pair of screen paintings from Japan resonates with me a lot in my heart, mind and soul.

With over 200 artefacts, some of them will connect with you on a personal and in-depth basis, some of them will be mysterious, amazing and mesmerising. A number of the other remaining 200 artefacts also strikes something inside me, my heart, mind and soul. By not writing about every wonderful piece of artefact doesn’t make them less valuable, less important or significant. Every artefact on display at the Treasures of the World Exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore, plays a role in how the world and the different societies and cultures have shaped the world today.

Through some of my photos collection that I share here on Flickr collection and my article above, I hope that I am able to encourage as many of you readers, to come down and visit Treasures of the World exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore. There are admission charges to this exhibition and more information can be found on their website.

It’s definitely an eye-opener, an enriching and learning experience when you visit Treasures of the World at the National Museum of Singapore from 5th December 2015 to 29th May 2015.

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