Visit Seen This Scene That !

In the blogsphere, whether it is international or local market, a blogger would definitely be able to find fellow bloggers who share their same hobbies, interests and hobbies.

For the Singapore blogsphere, there is a great blog known as Seen This Scene That and I was very honoured to be featured in their blog ! Being a fellow Singaporean, it is amazing and exciting how our small country Singapore has many interesting and unique places of visits for everybody and even for me, I have not even heard nor seen it before I visited Seen This Scene That.

Seen This Scene That defies any notion by locals or tourists that Singapore is a small and boring place, drop by there and you will understand.


  1. Thanks Geng Hui, for the recommendation!

    Keep up the great work in your journey as a Photojournalist in Travel, Events and Sports Photography!

  2. Author

    Hi seenthisscenethat

    All the best in your blog too !! Thank you for your support !!

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