Canon EF 800mm f5.6 L IS USM Test Shots

During Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2008, there was a mammoth lense on display, it was non other than the Canon EF 800mm f5.6 L IS USM !

While waiting for the Themes to be announced in between sessions, I went foward to check out the lense and attached my Canon EOS 30D onto it and tested it out for myself. It was a very different experience, as my longest lense was only a 250mm and I confessed a bit lost while trying to focus the objects on the EF 800mm super telephoto lense. 

Do check out the press releases by Canon USA

Finally, after some friendly advice from the Canon staff, I managed to capture some photos and I was amazed to see the sharpness ! Took a few more photos using the EF 800mm lense before returning it back to my seat.

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Well, it’s very rare for me to test a super telephoto lense and I am very impressed by it. Wonder when I would be able to use it in action ?


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    Hi My Bug Life

    They are very expensive lense and I got the chance to try them out during Canon Photomarathon Singapore !

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