TravelPhotoFind & TravelVideoFind

Whenever a person is planning for their next holiday trip, they wold always do some research on their destinations they are visiting, other travelers views and opinions, comparisons, and searching for photos in order for them to have an idea on where to take them.

Recently, I was sent a courtesy email, invited by Andre, to drop by these 2 sites, and they are ~ Photos and Pictures ~ Travel Videos and Films

Being an avid traveler, I decided to give it a visit and checked it out for myself. Well, I had to say, these 2 online communities is not your CMS + PHP powered travel and photography forums. It is an online community whereby passionate travelers armed with their beautiful travel photos and videos uploaded on some hosting sites, come together for a common purpose to share their travel photos and videography experiences. 

For all my travel and photography friends, do drop by and check them out !

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